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Will the US presidential elections affect the Indian Economy?   


The judgement day is finally here, and it only makes this go transparent. But we might have to consider the factors behind the scene. Here is what we could expect from the USA elections. 

On the standing grounds, the US supports 5% of the world population and adds to 20% of the world income. To understand the underlying implications of this election, consider the below pointers to open the sour gates of the economy. 



Indian market might move up no matter what the results of the elections are. This does not leverage stock and share markets alone. It will depend on the factors: why does the country like India look up to the US? 

India and the USA have to share a very respectful and amicable relationship in the economic sector, thus becoming the most reliable trading partner. 


 The billion-dollar question?! 

How will the US elections have its bearing on the Indian economy? The election held will have a prominent role in changing the course of policy and the stance of the candidates. Knowing there is a wide range of opinions standing at the doors of trading policy, we could expect anything to happen. 


Biden’s unrefuted choice!  

With the ongoing race to the white house, Biden in his campaigns had fore expressed the take on trading with China. By mitigating the taxes on imports and easing the trade. Quite, naturally, there is a clear sign that few gates on trade might close with India. 

Though Biden is aware of the repercussions while supporting China to manufacture, is of significant question. On the economic side, there is a long-term stake in the region if the decision follows.  


Trump’s presidential take! 

Trump has stonewalled against China and has been vocal about it ever since the breakout of the virus. He hasn’t strongly added tariff on imports, and he has carried it out in action. He recently banned the worldwide featured app, Tik Tok and Huawei has proved it all. The tariffs imposed on imports sum up to $370 billion. 




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