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Now bath without water, Try this water-less hygiene

Bangalore reside 25-Year-old Akash woke up at 8 am and went to the washroom to freshen up. He must reach office by 10 am. when he opened the tap, he realized that there is no water in pg. He got angry and climbed down the stairs to meet pg. warden. When he approached the warden, he told him that it is the second day that the tan water suppliers not coming, and he requested Akash to wait for two hours. But he was not ready to wait because he has an urgent appointment at the office at 10 am. what will Akash do now?    This is a common situation in Jan to March months at Bangalore. Not only Bangalore, but these situations also happens in most of the cities in the country. Here is a permanent solution for overcoming such situations.

These are the days which we bath twice or thrice a day because of extreme hot to make us cool. Inspire of this One-third of the global population (2 billion people) live under conditions of severe water scarcity at least 1 month of the year.  So, in this scenario do we really need water to bath? Dr. Punitha Gupp, an entrepreneur who has studied management at IIM Calcutta and US, Taxus University will tell that is it compulsory to take bath with water.  Puneet was the one who solved water shortages without water. the idea of a waterless body bath and shampoo came up to punnet’s mind and that’s how his product Clensta was launched. Clensta , formed by joining two words – cleaning and instant – a startup that helps people bathe without water.

There are Waterless Bath Shampoo (Comprehensive Health Body Hygiene Solutions), Waterless Hair Shampoo (Optimus Head hygiene solution) from Clensta.   As a part of a project, interacting with military personnel in Kargil, Ciachin and Drass, Punith realized how difficult it would be to maintain personal hygiene in such circumstances. Thus, the idea was developed with the help of IIT Delhi, and in the year 2016, the company started its headquarters at Delhi. About 80% of the water is wasted on a bath. Water is the only way to form foams during a bath, instead of that the IIT team has been planting molecules that can capture the dirt.   These products are manufactured without the use of chemicals or pasteurized substances such as Alcohols and Paraben. It removes dirt dust and odor from your body and makes you feel the full enjoyment of freshness. There are also benefits of the eco-friendly product. Apply Cleston products on the body and head and wipe it off with a towel – and the bath is over. Puneet explains that 100-milliliter Cleston Shampoo will replace 350 liters of water.  The maximum price is 500 rupees for 100 milliliters. After realizing that these commodities are beneficial for soldiers who work in severe cold areas, hospitalized patients, and bedridden patients Cleland’s products are accepted in the health and defense sectors. Puneet is trying to bring the products that are now available only through government systems and hospitals. It is also intended to enter the global market.

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