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Time of Exit Polls!

The 2019 Lok Sabha elections play a vital role in the history of elections in India for this is one time we all looked beyond our four walls and make a better choice. I blog and write, the depth and truth of information is something I always lookout for. One of my experiences, on a fine morning while commuting to work made me pen down the thoughts.


Turning the blog pages on Online trading India and looking out at the ever snail-paced traffic, I resentfully rerouted to the workplace. Turns out, my thoughts grew past boundary lines and turned into agitation. Politics has its hand in all walks of our life, because we cannot have one issue solved smoothly without the political patent.


Yes, It is the Lok Sabha elections and the exit polls that roll the grounds today!

Researching more about the updates and the elections, I didn’t expect the information was so precise, right about the ratio of IT industries and the expansion of such MNC’s, where the change is solely rapid. As per the analysis, Bangalore holds 20% of India’s IT top MNC’s and other automobile industry. Cutting edge of technology and various viewpoints nearly surprised me with the facts. Started knocking my sense, isn’t it too late to realize that I am one of the permanent resident’s in the “India’s Biggest IT HUB”.


Well, out came the question in chorus, how are the 2019 Lok Sabha elections handling the rapid change?


Streaming into the facts, it turns out that the exit polls of 2019 elections are quite the expected. The city’s expansion and practically waging the consequences with the infrastructure and other concerns are a big deal.


Exercising the world’s largest democracy, we could still question how reliable are the exit polls? Exit polls are a survey conducted to know the tenor of the nation soon after voting. There are few agencies who carry out such sampling and bringing out the opinion of the nation. They provide you with the live updates of the voting list at that time and place.

It is an archaic process for shedding light on the right information to be broadcast-ed on air. However, cutting straight to the point, the live updates have Hema Malini, Shatrugun Sinha and many others who made a statement after voting.


To be precise, the exit polls often could miss the sitting duck that begets the seat through elections. India today-Axis poll is stated to be one of the most accurate polls to rely on the information. When the news is about to be broadcast-ed, a few hours before the elections, the consequences narrow down to either criticism and controversial statements.

(A bite from one of the fastest growing Company in India, Valueleaf Services and it’s Director, Mr Srikanth Bureddy stands his ground with his ardent statement )-


I find it far more sensible, if one is on their toes to face the changes irrespective of the governments. All changes should lead to higher good for the society.

Many countries introduced democracy and very few are able to succeed it. Being a responsible citizen it is everyone’s duty to make democracy success, irrespective of governments. 

If you look at the companies which exist from decades like  Tata and Birla, Reliance, they have grown from government to government acing the country economy standards, and creating the employment. 

It is very important to keep our democratic standards and thrive at succeeding it, is all one can and should do. “


As the talks fleet us through a number of political drama and it’s chaos, the major concern was about why the largest democracy is not voting to its true potential. This embarks a major concern, How do we improve our environment if we do not speak through our votes? The government rule is another dimension to deal with. But, if the people standing between the age of 18-35 making the 2⁄3rd of the country’s population do vote, this could be a game changer.


REAlizing our own rights and exercising the votes is of vital importance. To Realize that you are the sole eye of the election and you voting could deal away with the consequences like a  first fist punch to break the walls of stagnancy. They newborn parties could cheat the public and thus the higher bodies to make their mark through the elections.


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