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The Political Run! Again Its Modi Sarkar! Chowkidhar Ki Chamatkar

It is a double win for the BJP.

Screening those news channels and social media and the classic radios have one hot information in hand. The counting! The double win for BJP is a treat to those who want to see changes in society.

“Duly, public expectations are sky-high despite the snail-paced changes.”

Since 2014, the general elections had Narendra Modi and his party win a majority in the lower house of the Parliament with his indomitable campaigning and promises. The changes followed with many actions, he brought the country to a changing curve with a big leap. He started with improving the efficiency of the bureaucracy in our country.

His plans had a vision for the country. Revising the economy of the country by introducing DEMONETISATION and thus reducing the black currency was a benchmark. He reduced the medical expenditure for Health care. Most importantly, he started the “clean India” campaign (Swachh Bharat Campaign) and high-profile sanitation campaign. He abolished the environmental and labour laws.

Though he remains a figure of controversy for many in and out the party houses, he still continues to fight for the higher good. This very political trait makes him a leader. It could change the face of the economy if his policies succeed. He shook hands with the international pillar such as the former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

Narendra Modi, a tenacious man tooled the balance of US-China domination on meeting the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The National and International views on Modi remain controversial over his Hindu Nationalist Beliefs. He picked his sacrifice quite early, stayed away from family and gave his all to the country’s welfare.


When we look back at all his campaigns nationally and internationally, he addressed the public with one national language, Hindi. Yet he aced the speeches igniting the little green flame of hope in everyone’s heart. There came speeches of high professionals and politicians who addressed the public with their political views, was it of any use?


River Ganga

Making our life source, river Ganga clean was one of the ambitious campaigns that were set forth by our present and former Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The high range registered trust which works on removing the contaminants and improve the rural sanitation, NMCG (Namami Gange – for Clean Ganga) set forth the programme and made it a national mission.


The clean Ganga project was launched 40 decades ago and now the result remains as is. From many views and the information received it is stated that the process of cleaning the river has catalyzed ever since our Prime Minister, Modi came to power.


Though on the new year’s eve, the river Ganga and the ghats appeared clean. On few banks of river Ganga, the pile of trash that accumulated the place since ages were cleaned. As the mission campaigners acclaim that the funds given to clean is far insufficient to clean the massive changes that are polluted.


To turn around the sad state of affairs and push forward the negative comebacks from the people, the stagnant project of River Ganga should be revamped again by Modi’s government and aim at completing it. It is would remain our duty to maintain the cleanliness and uphold it’s sanctity and the law of nature to not pollute our life source. Changes can be brought to light with awareness. Knowing that the great improvement in sanitation has reduced half the pollution in River Ganga and the rest is a breathe through. The pollution boards claim that several junctions of the river Ganges are not even fit for bathing least the drinking. Our Journey still remains long standing.




The process of revamping the national currency with a legal tender is called Demonetisation.

Introducing this overnight could either stabilize the economy of the country or could turn into chaos. The coin can fall in either one of the holes. This process alarmed the whole nation and showcased the unaccounted amount in the digitization game.


But it did take a negative hit in the cash-intensive sectors such as real estate, construction and FMCG in the short term. To put into account the black money that circulates under the illegal calls.

But the information technology industry doesn’t function that way and hence wouldn’t take a hit in any which ways.


Hoping to see more changes that change the nation and its future.


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