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Since the last 24 hours . . . Loading. . . Error . . . Resolved !


Since the last 24 hours, the chaos of the WhatsApp server going down served disappointment in many countries and the people in India this morning. The server failed at downloading your messages and images, but now, it is sure to get its server back.

The instance of a night long down server just didn’t help share the voice messages, images and text messages. This potential incident reminds us about Facebook and Instagram that had a similar state a few days ago.

Earlier today the server hit down many businesses from sharing files, images and voice texts on WhatsApp. However, the mystery is resolved in the main server. As a matter of fact, the Hashtag and its pages were still not active says the reports on CNET.
As iterated, “We’re back! The issue has been resolved and we should be back at 100 per cent for everyone. We’re sorry for any inconvenience,” Instagram posted on Twitter.

The question is, haven’t the Social Media platform have had outages in the history of the Facebook server where millions were affected by this and the organization had to end up with “server configuration change”.

Gladly thanks to the world-class technicians who resolved the issue in less than a day’s time i.e. less than 24 hours. The irrational loss the company could incur with the destabilized sister network #Instagram is humongous.

Social Network Media History

In all the Facebook apps, including the messengers, Instagram and WhatsApp have had the same issue incurred where certain features failed to download the data from the serve to do the needful.


Inefficient usage of the platforms bridges the radical usage for malpractice. Mainly, the problem crept from the routine maintenance operation. The error that they constantly were after to resolve is finally fixed in less than 24 hours.

Fact – The economy too goes down.

Facebook being a suite to many popular apps the recovery is the net worth of millions when the outages rampage more than a few hours. The cost of such critical servers is a real hanging knife on the top of the suite.
Stay tuned to know more . . .

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