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The role of Media in Politics!

Media and mass communication are powerful tools in society. They play a vital role in either making or breaking a body of the government, organization, personality and if need be a nation. When we scale down the reality to exaggerate the irrelevant and nonfactual information, media as a medium could fake it till they make it. Hypothetically screening, it would crash markets.

Gradually, media has changed the outlook of modernity, technology and breaking social stigma. They hold extreme responsibility in shaping the mindsets of the Democrats and that of the nation. On the other hand, in India, we have the privilege of the Right to Information Act.

Right to Information Act

This law was passed by the Parliament on 15 June 2005. This law holds for the whole of India exempting Jammu and Kashmir. The law is all about promoting transparency and accountability in the government. As per the sources, the law demands the public authorities to computerize the state records for propagation to ease down the access of information, in case of citizen’s need.

However, the Media today functions in two bodies. As per the sources, for the hardcore news, the government follows  this sector called the fourth Ëstate.- The Press. It serves as an institution to consistently update the public on the political news, bringing to its awareness, the voice of truth. Could be for connecting people in a community or communities.

Today, the important class of the society turn to the social media for the updates on the movement of the political parties. The question is to weigh the facts over the truth of the information. This section is called “the Fifth Estate”, where the viewpoints are associated with the journalists, bloggers mainly the non-mainstream media. Now this pans out not only in America but many other countries too.

According to the survey held in 2014, the U.S citizens followed the social media for any political news like the midterm elections. Say, in India, we have the general elections and campaigns covered through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook more than the hardcore news media could shed light on.

Prejudiced Approach.

Ideally, media as a medium of the public body should work as unbiased as possible and promote news with utmost non-prejudice. As a matter of fact, it is failing. Media sneaks and penetrates to any dimension in order to unveil the information. They lose their words to their temperance patenting many celebrities, states businessmen, entrepreneurs anyone who takes the stage. We could say the degree of sensitivity is far less in any approach. This is not only in India but is the global pattern of the media family.

An incident in Canada proves it all, Dr. Jordon Peterson, a clinical psychologist, whose intellect apathetically heals those weak and anxious minds, is known for his Humility. Recently in one of the gatherings or addressing, the media folks almost attacked the man with prejudice, isn’t this narcissism.

Why is every problem seen politically?


“Heaven sake! A retired actress or an actor should contest for elections. A person who addresses a social gathering for the welfare of mankind is seeking attention to politicize his agenda”. #I totally understand.  The need to politicize or misconstrue that everything is for political attention is none the less stupidity?

As a result, they not only lose the power to judge but lose their sense of judgment.
An incident in India which encompasses the motto or the true faces behind the facets of the media was brought to light through WhatsApp. Where the public sort this information and started circulating the video that was banned from going live on TV by one of the news channels in India at the time of elections. But, why?

Why the role of two face coin?


The media has the power to report or remark anyone or anything. This is a conscious remark that in the eyes of the public would be the holy news. For instance, as per the sources, John Edwards – a potential U.S senator and a vice-presidential candidate was rejected by the media subjecting him to negative reporting.

Let’s not go by the saying of the great Aristotle, “Man by nature is a political animal” and instead look through non-prejudiced eyes. Only then can we have a profound sense of judgment of the situation, person and anything.

The campaigns or the interviews of Modi was well covered unlike that of the Rahul Gandhi. Rahul on the other hand very well knows that the media did not give him much coverage of his campaigns nor agendas. Could be because of the rising TRP while publicizing Modi’s news. One way to look at it!

Digital Right to Information Systems

A gateway for citizens has been set under the government of India and state governments to the “RTI Portal” by various Public authorities. Precisely why, one must be aware of the current affairs to understand the functioning of the nation and its entities.

Be aware and be alert!



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