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The Return of the Dragon! – 2nd Swearing-In

After all the hocus pocus of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the beaconing leader stands second time to own that in the Prime Ministership. The 2014 general elections had a surprising win and the people were overwhelmed with the swearing ceremony. The guest list had amazed the nation for far too long as he invited the ever-ruling opposition party leader, Congressmen to the oath ceremony too. They invited the least expected guests who could arrive.


A mesmerizing win at the nation hour, waiting to hear Modi’s second time oath ceremony is all going to cross our expectations? The last promises made at the general elections seemed to have progress behind the media clouds and others trying to malice paint his government through news agencies, claiming them as unfit for taking the country’s game forward.


Changing the outlook this time, after the 2019 election’s win, Narendra Modi is working towards

An inclusive India. Forging the democracies interest in friendly business-pursuits sounds not just ideal but doable. The majority cheers went to the point of strengthening the “National Security”, at the recent meet of the party gathering, after the crazy win of the elections.



The Prime Minister quoted that the improvement of the farm incomes with the parallel milestone challenge of creating new jobs for the millennials in the coming days. As he explains it in the wider prospect at the event held.


Jan Dhan Yojana

The Pradhan Mantri cited the benefits of opening the bank account on the village sectors and apart from getting access to their DBT(Direct bank transfer) he got them the debit cards.


Inclusive India

The party campaigns and other bi-lineal parties say that the Prime Minister’s innate focal point is readdressing the employment opportunities, solving agricultural issues and recover the banking status.


Make in India

The one campaign that created the highest profile for the entrepreneurs. This highlighted the manufacturing sectors across the country by taking many initiatives to ease the process of the business -environment.

Supply of state of the art facility is the pivotal aspect for larger production and growth of the industry and this is being taken care of. Changing the views of the nation by bringing in the business-friendly policies between the government and industries is a grand yet simple step to revolutionize the economy of India.


Swachh Bharath Abhiyan

This campaign circumcised the whole nation panning out its outrageous cleaning mission. Abolishing the plastic and raising brand awareness of the organic goods and items across the country. This campaign had the Prime Minister combing the streets during the walk at Rajpath on 2nd October 2014.

Many citizens joined their hands in making the campaign a huge success. Trusting the process to not just see a change but to be the change was a policy that was made. Environmental changes are far seen through this campaign because it wasn’t just a one man’s show but that each individual’s responsibility.


As we wait and watch what the 2019 swearing moment is all about!

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