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What does it means to hold onto something?


To power?


How do you do so?


You hold the power at the tip of your finger. Digitization is another revolution that the world has arrived at. The platform is very profound and innovation speaks for itself. I mean, if Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO or the founder of the FACEBOOK recently brought down the new artificial intelligence that was developed, where it started encoding a new technical language by itself. But, why did he? As it was not authorized nor initiated with any data the A.I needed.


Does this alarm you about the demons and risks this digitization age can bring you to?  


Sure enough, we could educate the poor with this technology, help the remote area communities reach out and understand the basic rights they have. For all, it takes to get through it is with a “touch”. Sounds cool!


Today, the scenarios coax with the phenomenal change, it is so radical that you could walk home to see your child or your pet using one of the gadgets to play with or understand the outside world. Instead it could go out and play. This could eventually rise an alarming risk. How bizarre is texting your spouse who is seated next to you and sharing your emotions when you probably could share the same without the internet nor the gadgets to express your thoughts. How pathetic can this get? It could get much worse!

Certain obstinate characters in history remind us of the change we welcome into our life. But fail to question if the change is for the better. Truly, people have forgotten, how important it is to be empathetic to one another when your digital age is supposedly helping you understand your environment? The law bogs down to several cameras per street for proof. Heinous crimes at the corner of a stone building, cold-blooded murders at the trigger of a bullet, wide and demonic range of cyber crimes and saving the best for the last cyber deaths. Really?


As children, we grew up watching movies such as Jurassic Park and was intrigued by the creativity behind the scenes, phenomenal director Steven Speilberg’s cinematography. Potentially, we could bring universes together, meet different time zones according to “Interstellar”. Holding to such ideological uses of the VFX and many technology-driven industries, makes us understand the need to hold our reigns of reality.


There might come a day where you wake up into your sleep and probably not understand that you’re in the dream zone. Sounds very confusing? Here is a small example, a medical student goes through many studies of the human body and then the functioning of the human body and the list goes on. Seeing through and beyond the flesh is what makes him/her a fine surgeon. If the same medical student has a wild thought running in a pathological class, while studying the anatomy of the human body and he seems to fall on the degree of insensitive or inhumane, sure he could cut the corpse or human body. Just that this time he is a serial killer.


We would by now, know the existential crimes surfacing and streaming live to educate the audience in different digital platforms such as Netflix, Youtube and so on to name few. Because bullying hasn’t stopped at the school gates, eve teasing didn’t end on streets, rapes did not panel on the videos, money did become an easy income, slavery topped but to insanity.




Yes, there’s always a “but” and “ïf”. How blessed are we that these two powerful words always keep us on the hamster treadmill, alert and aware of what is unknown.


Don’t worry! Why? Because there are apps that could alarm the women’s security reach outs in a flick of a second. And then there are apps that could measure your weight, pulse-rate, ……

To add on, emergency counters such as finding a nearby ATM, Restaurant, a pharmaceutical store. Google has a foot in everything today. Google Maps which provide you with satellite imagery and distance calculated with feasible time amidst the godforsaken traffic is sure a feather I would like to add to the digitization cap.

Data security is under major threat today. Despite the criteria of password and cyber securities, we are very vulnerable to the hackers who can hack your credit card details, bank account details, even rob your money with fake websites and all the more your private life. Scheming and scamming has become a very trivial aspect to those less privileged and greedy. This causes them to engage their obstinate minds into malicious activities to fulfill

their basic needs sometimes.


Digitization is a process that will continue to change our lives to either better our lives or making our existence a living hell. It all comes down to the excessive use of the internet and degree of variance, which is detrimental. The access to an enormous encyclopedia of life on the internet knows not that it is the manifestation of human brain power in the hands of the dangerous mindsets could turn it into a weapon for destruction or amassing wealth.


You can rule away about the internet by arguing that we could have a more comfortable life compared to our grandparents as we could meet with a terrible car accident yet we take the risk and drive a stick shift anyway.


A mighty consort of digitization is Cloud computing!


No! There is no imaginary cloud holding your private data up there in cold glass castles. Cloud computing in simple terms is meant to access data or store your data on the internet but not on the computer hard drives.


An average company has several cloud computing apps and bots that could run the logistics of that company. However, there are few cyber brokers who access and analyse all the in-house data accessing the cloud services and provide threat intelligence.


It is not just the common man who is under constant threat but the royal families, national data cloud, government funds, bank reservoirs all of these have threat intelligence active to prevent their data from being misused. We are in a constant perturbed state of mind as the possibilities are endless.


Top sectors that would be affected because of the ongoing processes are the Shares and the stock market, sales panel of any Multinational companies. Leading to crash or recession in the market. Now for those of you who are new to the economic functionality across the global standard, a recession is a period of stagnant or declining economic performance across an entire economy.


It is like a chain reaction that compels you to take every step with great concern and care. Cautious steps! Responsible steps! It is as easy as getting mugged across the street in reality, it is as easy as you could get hacked in the digital world.  


Besides the major creepers, there is another devastating outcome from the online data management, where the target is the adolescent kids and they are open to high malicious sexual abuse and predicaments of such crimes is subjected to blackmailing which isn’t pleasant.


Today, UNICEF has been working with our government for good sometime, it mirrors these social evils to address the threats of the digital platforms and has come forth with a security campaign called “#staysafeonline”. Here the help is just a word away,” ONLINE”. This is specially designed for the safety of the adolescent children to prevent themselves from falling into the decoy of the internet world. It takes care of the major concern which is child safety in INDIA which has set its foot to end the child exploitation.


The gamers on the net go crazy with such Humpty-dory and few challenging games thinking of it as a personality honing skills. Their excessive involvement in such gaming apps is detrimental to their mental health and life, as they go on spending crazy ass money into these sites it could only turn worse. The sites that clearly suck money out of them have potentially grown fairly insensitive to the release of the gaming apps that recently surfaced the major case, #Bluewhale app. The threats are radically high and leave a permanent impact on their frugal lives.

The point is being responsible in a reactive world as it could come back smacking at you right in the face. The call is reality a virtual reality?


Stay safe! Stay alert!




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