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New Startup Is Offering Renewed Youth. Cost $8000 For A Litre Of Blood

Are you willing to part with 100,000 lakh rupees for renewed vigor?

Awareness of our own mortality is something unique to human beings. The history of humankind is peppered with instances of man’s quest for immortality and eternal youth? It looks as if a startup from New South Wales has found the key to the fountain of youth after all.

Ambrosia Medical is offering blood transfusions for renewed youth. The company is taking blood from teenagers and youth aged 16 – 25 years and filling the veins of those seeking eternal youth for 8000 dollars a pop.

Interestingly, Ambrosia literally means immortality. The name is picked from Greek Mythology, where ambrosia is the honey-flavored eaten by the gods, which is the secret to their immortality.

Apart from young blood transfusion, the company provides dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, facial peels, and beauty therapies. The official website of Ambrosia Medical affords a holistic and sustainable approach to anti-aging.

The LinkedIn page of the company proclaims, “No matter the nature of your anti-aging needs or concerns, the team of medical professionals at Ambrosia Medical will work with you to develop customized treatments and effective, tailor-made results”.

The New South Wales based company is now open in 6 cities of USA – Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tampa, Omaha, Houston. The Guardian has reported that the median age of the clients of Ambrosia Medical is 60 and two-thirds of the participants are believed to be men.


  • Donors were aged between 16 and 25
  • Patients are 30 years or above
  • 1 liter of blood costs $8000 (approximately INR 570,000)
  • The blood is obtained from blood banks


Experiments conducted in mice have shown that transfusion of blood from young mice to older mice has resulted in the rejuvenation of older mice, allowing them to repair and replenish their tissues with the help of transferrable “youth factors”. Ambrosia has run clinical trials, which involved injecting the blood of young individuals into older adults in an attempt to fight the “symptoms” of aging.

According to Jesse Karmazin, the Stanford Medical School graduate founder of Ambrosia, the results of internal tests by his company were “really positive”.  “I want to be clear, at this point, it works,” Karmazin said last year. “It reverses aging. We’re pretty clear at this point. This is conclusive. We are probably done with the clinical trial. It worked so well, we’re going to start treating people. We’re pretty amazed at this. Yeah, no, it works, there’s really no question whether it works or not.”

There are many who are skeptical about the ability of fresh blood to extend life. Funnily enough, this literal bloodlust for young blood is legal in the USA. Ethical and social dilemmas aside, there are many risks associated with it. Even in a young blood trial or through a private doctor, with all safety measures in place, there’s always a body rejection risk, which can lead to death.

Sociological Impacts

Interestingly, the idea that youth can be drawn from the veins of the young has been prevalent in society. Stories of elite bathing in virgin blood and drinking the blood of the young were common in the mid 18th century.

Many people believe that such practices can have huge sociological impacts by inducing the poor to offer up their blood to sustain the life of those who are on the top of the social ladder.

Ambrosia is the first major player to arise, but some observers worry that with adequate financial backing many more such “blood clinics” are going to prop up. The concept has piqued the interests of tech elites and investors who are hellbent on cheating death.

It is very clear that there is still a long way to go in terms of research and clinical trials. Who knows, there might come a day when we might walk the earth forever.


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