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After the huge victory against the ever-ruling party Congress, Bhartiya Janata Party’s next 100 day agenda is on point.

Apart from creating employment in 2019, the Finance minister has pre-planned the agenda for doubling the farm income well within 2022.

(Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi addresses BJP activist during an election campaign rally ahead of Lok Sabha or general election 2019 on April 03, 2019 in West Bengal, India. )



1] In the poll manifesto, turning India to $ 5 trillion economy.
2] Simplifying GST with 18 and 28 % as major slabs.
3] GST tax slabs may be merged into two main rates.
4] Lowering the time taken for tax compliance to 1 hour per month.

A normal tomorrow

However, the claims say that the main budgetary is all game for minimizing the taxpayers’ burden. Economic Times releases the fact that the Modi government formed a task force to replace the existing income tax law which is 50 years old.

On the side, the Reserve Bank of India has put forth with a set of rules to increase the security measures for the users to get comfortable with the electronic – payment channels.

Money campaigns to be run with numerous turns and changes within the tax rules to keep an eagle’s eye on the transactions.


Apart from the primary schools the ladder just vanes when children graduate from the higher primary. Looks like there is a new education policy that is on the play to fill in 5 Lakh vacancies with faculty members to initiate higher education.


The Ministry of Human Resource Department

(PARIS, FRANCE – JUNE 3, 2017 : The President of France Emmanuel Macron welcoming the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi for a working visit)


Chances of creating excellence and financing higher education are set to improve with a five-year vision document. Not just the above, this document covers research and innovation, employ-ability, quality, governance systems, internationalization and better use of technology for education.



Mr Modi is on a roll to make medicines more affordable to the patients and set the blood test charges less expensive.

A scheme is also on due grounds to set the domestic production in charge of the medicines and to cut down on the imports.



(INDIA- JULY,16 2018: Prime Minister Narendra Modi holding camera for photography in New Delhi on Monday )

Coming in the National Policy on Software Products- 2019. The main agenda behind this is to increase India’s share of global software product market by 10 fold within 2025.

Will this all stand by or have a clean slate protocol?

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