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May The Ganges Live!

How ironic is it, we could ignore the very source of existence and continue to pollute despite our need for survival? Can this turn out stupid? Or is technology overriding humans and their common sense?


The major concern is the resources are collectively under major risk since a decade now. Ever since global warming took a seat with pollution. Could be a by-product of the unnatural nature cycle that has potentially drained the rivers.

Acid rains, untimely floods, raising temperatures, deforestation, worse yet we have the birthplace of the rivers draining away. In India we have the most varied rivers starting from seasonal rivers to the perennial rivers, west flowing rivers to east flowing, longest to shortest rivers and numerous tributaries.


The specialty of these rivers is purest gifts of mother nature. Though we have the great Ganges, Deccan rivers, Himalayan rivers, coastal rivers, we are still facing problems to aggregate the lands and create a pollution free environment. As every problem concerning the natural resources is a placard in the hands of a politician,  it is a political problem!. As we can counter gauge anything politically.


Polluting the rivers is the major concern, as we couldn’t understand the consequences of the rivers draining away.


The dynamics of the rivers in India is far more beautiful than the magnificent geographical appearance.

In India, rivers are worshiped as the goddess mother of life. To add on, the most famous temples are built across the banks of the river. For example, Kashi Vishwanath temple at Varanasi is built in the banks of river Ganga. Defining our culture for centuries now, rivers are the true source of life to the farmers, to the wish mongers and a place of salvation to the believers.


However, there are seven major rivers that describe the river system in India. Starting with the foothills of the Himalayas, we have three major river basins, namely: Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra. We have the largest number of glaciers in the basins collectively.


We have lot trending, information about the rivers and paneling out hydro-electric projects from that. Long lasting debates about saving our national rivers contemplating the preservation methods and preventing the rivers from driving out.


Since decades, debates and talks are spreading the awareness of the living rivers and dying rivers. Plenty of campaigns have been raised to state the issues our Indian rivers are facing. The government has taken many initiatives to save rivers and coming from South India, Rally for rivers was one of the major rallies to occupy history for saving rivers.


Since there are two types of rivers in India, Perennial and non-Perennial. Non-perennial is those rain-fed rivers whose life lasts temporarily. Pertaining to the rejuvenation of rivers Government has taken many steps and initiatives too. The NPP plan, (National Perspective plan) has taken methods to deviate certain part of the river body to be streamlined to the deficit rivers.


The river connection process consists lots of pre procedures such as negotiating with the state government, negotiating with the neighboring countries, if need be, taking clearance from appraisal agencies such as Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change. The projects take their due time to come into force and start functioning.


Tagging the holiest of rivers as the world’s most polluted rivers need a critical approach politically and apolitically. Our base system of belief includes worshiping the rivers religiously with the most non-biodegradable inputs such as plastic, etc. Polluting the rivers through various outputs of the leather industries and other harmful bi-products is a serious problem. After the story of Ganga river Project that lead many political discrepancies and came to stagnancy, Rally for rivers campaign took shape parallelly by one of the Guru from South India, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

This rally ended in New Delhi at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium on October 2, 2017. It leads many celebrities and quite the stalwarts of the society took initiation and participated in the rally. This campaign brought international support and subjected a proposal to the Ministry of Environment in India.


Major thanks to all the personalities who lead this campaign and made a major success.  


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