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What is Lok Sabha 2019 elections about?

History of Lok Sabha.
“Lok Sabha” known as the “House of the people”came in to existence in the year 21 February 1952 as a result of the democratic republic. It is for the very purpose of elections that each state is divided into several territorial constituencies. It was in this regard that the election body came into play so that each state has minimum number of seats to voice the people.

The maximum strength of the House allotted by the Constitution of India is 552. However, the house today has 545 seats which is made up by the election of up to 543 elected members and at a maximum, 2 nominated members of the Anglo-Indian Community by the President of India.

Agenda behind Indian national congress winning the highest number of seats in Lok Sabha.
Congress simply knows as Indian National congress which came into play under the British rule. It is a secular party whose social democratic platform policy is based upon the Gandhian principle of Sarvodaya” as stated by the sources leaves us we the thought where is the agenda?

Gandhian Principle of Sarvodaya— “the lifting up of all sections of society, which involves the improvement of the lives of economically underprivileged and socially marginalized people”. Several decades before this proved to be sensible and proclaiming. But, today it is contemplating with the progress of our country when the TWO SO CALLED DEMOCRATS have failed to either live by this or have a nation that no more is in need of the above principle.


This principle holds true even to this present day as the voices in the far-fetched tribal communities are still battling for the basic rights and the need to surface the issues comes with huge cost of ignorance. Today, as we read this many tribal communities are in still in the non coverage spectrum from the government.
Should we call INDIA a regressive country! or IS!

With this, I would simply leave it to your understanding of ” What is the Lok Sabha 2019 elections all about?” 

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