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Here boy!

They are not just the most adorable creates but they’re sensitive to their environment too. A thing of beauty is a joy forever holds good in this term. To all those pet lovers, cheers! Sure we all have a life and we are engaged to our monogamous work until eternity.


But, then how fulfilling is life when you walk home after crossing that humongous traffic scenes and drop your day’s load at your doorstep and see those big bright eyes waiting to pounce. Should you only imagine if your pet isn’t that mischievous and you end up seeing a wretched home, things piled up on the floor amidst that is your fluffy fur ball with guilty eyes melting you down.  


Chances are, it demands to let go of your stress. The other day my blogging sense hit the chimney and I lost track of the web, this led me to the most adorable videos where a couple were raising their wild cat(cougar) in the grand studio apartment they live in. Fascinating to see a cougar feeling at home and at peace with these two. Their bond with this one was speechless.


You may see many fairy tales, where we humans are incomplete souls without our animal spirit. This is by far in many communities and legends. As evolution speaks, we too were animals and are one of the many species our mother earth holds on to. Technically, people these days, are adapting to the idea of adopting a pet. Be it a bird, cougar, dogs, cats, Hamsters and rabbits or even monkeys. One more cautious thing to keep in mind while raising a pet is they would require more space to move around. It is very important to get a pet license.

Benefits of raising a pet


Well! I spoke of those behind the scenes up there. Let me get to the mainstream benefits.


  • Greatest stress busters in the world, instantly.
  • Could serve the purpose of security.
  • Knocks a sense of purpose and responsibility.
  • They are depression busters too.


A dog owner could possibly have the following benefits:

  • Your body and mind jog equally.
  • Stress Busters
  • Your kids could grow in a much happier environment and healthier.
  • They could become more empathetic.

What more? Isn’t that great to have a living crawling being right beside you petting you all the time and demands to be petted. All the more reason to hold on to them is they are more of godly creatures.

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