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Hacks for Wardrobe Lifestyle!

Having issues with the one button that could ruin the sexiness of your dress?

No better ideas for using the Armani scarf the better way?

Here are few healthy clothing hacks that not only adds to your style quotient but could nurture the cloth-less with your unisex clothing hacks!

Take heart!

1] Denim or nothing! As the brand saying goes. Get those razors to De-peel the extras from the clothing.

2] You can fix the zippers of your clothing be it of Denims, woolen or any other by just using a wax candle running over the zip track.

3] Black by nature has the trickster effect on your body making it look slimmer. So go ahead and pull off those black trousers going on anything and everything. Better yet, it makes you look taller.

4] Make your luggage lighter by packing strategically with apparels and clothing in a different section.

5] Recycling your old set of clothes doing a give away to the shelter-less or maybe to the needy would only create space for new trends to flag in your wardrobe.

6] To men it is a different ball game for being judged for the pocket square or the wristwatch they carry, always have the collar ends down but well ironed. Using the right fit of trousers or the shirts go naturally well toned. The darker colors always bring an authentic touch to the appearance.

7] Girls! Don’t you just spare a moment extra in curling those hot lashes up and giving a glossy finish to plump up those lips? Why miss these details when you could save time by just converting those lazy boggy T-shirts to a one-piece top?

8] Recycle your clothes every 6 months or annual clean could help you set the course and space for growth at home.

9] Always have your clothes cleanly ironed and sorted in the wardrobe for “quick go” and a steady attitude. Indirectly, the way you align your clothes and have your wardrobe set will affect you subconsciously.

10] White! All true dream color everyone likes to wear but end up keeping it clean folded for decades. Could be for the sweaty pits that leave a prominent stain every time you wear it. Use 1 cup vinegar 1 cup baking soda 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide Soak the shirt in a bowl filled with vinegar and two cups of warm water. Soak for at least 20 minutes.

Now get these quick tips on the go and flash that acute fashion, out from the wardrobe!

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