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Be Prepared this Monsoon


Far from the droughts, Bengaluru was the garden city once known as the cold city too due to the heavy rains. Changes took over to the degree where the city now stands for the name Cosmopolitan city but not for the natural beauty it once was. And that of the weather conditions are haywire.


vendor veggies
Today, a veggie vendor on the streets of Bengaluru feels the pinch of the prices that have hit the roof. The talks on the street seem very obvious as the prices of normal veggies have skyrocketed. The fact that the normal kitchen essentials such as the coriander have very high prices as they are primarily are delivered from the native places.


As per the TOI, the rains of the pre-monsoon period were scanty and the following monsoon is expected to be rough. However, no sign of it till date. As a result, the crops are not yielding in the necessary quantity. The civilians face the heat, as everyday the use for veggies seem, less affordable. The civilians ought to buy in order to cook at home rather prefer buying them outdoors.


Let alone the crops and the prices, Bangalore on the other end isn’t ready for the rains altogether. The improper maintenance of the city corridors and the drains are major reasons to flood the roads with the sewage water. Making it hard for the commuters to pass the corridors of Bengaluru with great difficulty. The blockage of drains and the unhygienic management of the waste lead the flooding of rainwater.


With the changing plan of the city, we do require proper water reservoirs and trees that we lost with just the scanty rainfall within the past few months. The city is not prepared for the deftly rains ahead.


In the course of the rainfall, Lakhs of trees that served as shelter to street animals is now a throne to waste barrages. The city is expanding in all the corners and the system doesn’t have the plan to suffice the basic needs.


Bangalore tree uprooted


  • Will this drop the title of the evergreen Bangalore to the status of Cosmopolitan failure? Highly doubt that, the pros of Information Technology industries expanding from 20% to more are not questionable at the moment.
  • Chances of the everyday essentials price such as milk, veggies and other requisites going high can make it harder for the civilians to face the expensive living sound like a herculean task.
  • With which the population will float to the potential cities who sees a future in the growth of the IT hub and make their living simple with less COL (cost of living).
Other Talks. . .

Bangalore is on the statutory above the sea-level beyond great height, has faced floods with the rains that worked its spell in the yesteryear s.

Bangalore Mirror claims…

The other reason for flooding is the choking of the roadside waste into the waste, debris and silt. The BBMP releases crores of rupees to clean up the debris and silt that clog the drains. Yet the silt remains and flooding of the roads takes place during the monsoons.


Monsoon lightening, Bangalore


A word from a Civic Expert . . .

According to V Ravichander, a civic expert says that one of the big crisis to hit Bangalore is urban flooding. The reasons as stated could be because of the poor water holding capacity of the lakes, low buildings, encroachments, over storm drains, break in inter-linked lakes that existed earlier. Rains have the capacity to carry the silt to the nearest lakes and this by means opens a gate flood as it takes time for the water to drain out the floods from the city.


A bird’s view of Bangalore’s lake
Shanky Tanky lake in Bangalore

The least we could do is  “be prepared”.


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