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Here Is Mukesh Ambani’s Leadership Mantra

On International Advertising Association’s (IAA) Leadership Awards, India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, recently shared a mantra on ‘leadership’ where he won the Business Leader of the Year award for his contribution to building to building lasting businesses.

 His mantra– “Leadership is not about following anybody, it is about setting new standards that nobody else has set.”

The Chairman, MD of India’s most valued company, The Reliance Industries also topped the list of Forbes India Rich list 2017 for the 10th consecutive time. Mukesh Ambani said that he had been fortunate to be part of Reliance’s journey from its inception. And added, Reliance completes 40 years of being a public company. I have been fortunate to be part of the journey from year one. I still remember that when I started off, I was a student of chemical engineering. At that time Reliance was less than 5 million dollars in enterprise value. And in 40 years within India, as an Indian company, we are now over 250 billion dollar in enterprise value. That has been a phenomenal journey, Elaborating on the vision of Dhirubhai Ambani to always invest in the businesses of the future, Mukesh Ambani said, “He (Dhirubhai Ambani) founded Reliance and he believed in the principle that as Reliance we will always remain invested in the businesses of the future and will always invest in talent. Over the last 40 years, we have done that. We believe in the power of youth. One consistent thing is that over the last 40 years, the average age at Reliance has consistently remained at around 30 years.”

Ambani trusts that the next biggest opportunity lies in “Data”. He says,

Data is the new Oil

Accordingly, the veteran industrialist is going full throttle on Reliance Jio. Elaborating on the same, Mukesh Ambani said, “I am really proud of what our young people have achieved at Jio. They have again demonstrated what my father and I believe in which is that leadership is not about following anybody. What we have done at Jio is that earlier India was 155th in mobile broadband ranking and in the first year one year after Jio was launched, India has become the number one and the largest mobile data market in the world. We have crossed over 50 crore hours of video viewing on smartphones. Essentially this market is moving to a mobile and video market and this again is a first in the world. Moreover, that is where the opportunity of a new India, especially for the youth of India, is in the coming years.”

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