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Whitehat Jr – A Child Genius learning app!

The speciality of Whithat Jr, an e-learning base includes early childhood education, computational thinking, logic, algorithmic thinking, elementary, education and all under the most skilful trainers who are the alumni of the Boston training group.


The odds are again in the favour of children today who succumb to game play and internet are now learning something through internet without the hassles of ruining their childhood. The more dramatized learning experience helps children grow their knowledge without overburdening themselves.

In an ever-competitive sphere, education sourcing is mostly of business and less of improvising the need to create a better world.


How logically you teach math to your children?

The basis of Math includes logic, sequences and few operating commands. If our kids learn commands, loops, sequences and conditions which strengthen their logic and technical skills. Result: A measurable improvement in mathematical scores.


Why is abstract thinking so important?

The involvement in a subject is stronger not only with the concentration of children but how they learn too. Here, they learn decomposition, abstraction, pattern recognition and algorithmic thinking to solve problems logically. Results: significant improvement in abstract thinking scores*, a necessity for scoring top of charts in Math Olympiads or IB entrances.


Why coding for children as per Whitehat Jr?

Whitehat Jr has special features that help children identify their core interest at a very young age. In this knowledge it is easier for the children and their parents to understand what to expect from their children.

According to Whitehat Jr, ‘George Land & Beth Jarman’s landmark NASA study identified that kids peak in creativity at age 6, followed by a drastic decline right until adulthood and beyond.

Coding balances left and right brain, convergent and divergent thinking, to enable peak creative expression. Kids learn logic and structure to command tech tools and generate outcomes like games and apps.

As per Mckinsey Global Research Institute, the only jobs in the new world will be ones that machines can’t do. 90%+ of jobs from 2020 will require significantly more creativity than before. Coding teaches your kids to become creators versus consumers of technology.


In all call…

In 2030, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will touch 800 Million jobs. The world will split into creators and consumers. WhiteHat Jr makes kids creators in the new world with the first structured coding curriculum in the world for early childhood.

Kids learn logic, structure, sequence and algorithmic thinking to generate creative outcomes like animations and apps. All classes are taught via a live 1:1 Online platform connecting Top 99.9th percentile of certified teachers to kids 6-14 years of age.



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