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Thrillophilia – Your New Travel GPS

Thrillophilia Startup Story: Over estimate travelling! We are always minutes away from experiencing the best journey and the world at its best. The run around at the ticket counters either online or offline never has your life paced to experience a tension free travel.  It is one of the popular startup.

How Thillophilia grew?

Dating back in 2011, when people started buying books online, when they started booking flights online, Thrillophilia started with a vision to sell activities and experiences (the last mile of travel) online. It seemed like an impossible vision to almost all VCs they met then



Thrillophilia’s International Standards!

Nevertheless, today Thrillophilia is the country’s most thrilling name when it comes to activities and experiences. With more than 40 M online traffic, they have nailed it as they have catered to more than 2Million+ customers. It buzzed with experiences in Bangalore, today Thrillophilia sells experiences of 15 Asian countries with Dubai, Thailand, Singapore and Bali leading the charts after India.


Risks that Thrillophilia involved!

This startup grew in silence but made the buzz after few days, when it went international it seems. The upstream adventure excursions with highly challenging regions and high safety measures. It includes Himalayan Treks, Region Wise Treks, Bike Trips and Multi Adventures. The weekend getaway experiences are by far the most common and yet they deliver the most amazing experience of the place. This includes the most vivid activities and travelling as it has Resort outs and camps.

Things to do – Thrillophilia!

They feature home stays and list down the “things to do” for good engagement and to grasp the essence of the place. Channeling the innate outdoor experiences they grew past the national borders and expanded this fastest growing startup to international standards.

International tours features “Honeymoon tours, safaris, treks and in lake experiences“.

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