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Ola Cabs – A Startup To $3.8 Billion Company!

What were Ola cabs built on?

With the ease of commuting, the hassles of reaching our destinations on time has reduced despite the heavy traffic. The run around the apps for reducing such nuances are ample in the store. But one exceeds the chart midst the existing apps, Ola has outdone itself in the hour of despair.

Named as the country’s largest cab provider also has the features and expand your business without the hassle of employees commuting to their organizations.


Why is Ola Cab top rated commuting app?

Are you ready to take in the pressure and at the same time have the patience to cope up with unflinching traffic across the city! Or drive away to the outstations and still carry yourselves with extreme professionalism? Ola has the standards and the accountability the cab facilities has to offer.

There are hardly not many cases unfolding misbehavior of the driver with the customer unlike other apps that have come up in the open.


Ola Cab Features

Safety first, as accounted they are highly professionals who respect the passenger /s. They fancy a extremely comfortable journey for their passengers and hence they feature free WI-FI too.

It is easier for the corporate sectors to maintain a pocket friendly app that allows you to track your expenses which is not just safe, reliable but cost effective.

Ola has vivid payment options that not only includes your online G-pay, Paytm, etc. but such as Ola money.

Adding more to it, they have premium memberships that help you enjoy a luxury ride with prime at minimum fare. And all at zero wait time.

Tired yet? There’s more to Ola..


Cab for every pocket  

From Sedans and SUVs to luxury Cars for special occasions, Ola can customize and help you choose a cab at the hour of need. People could choose from a wide range of cars specific to your travel needs.


What is the Ola Buzz?

A dedicated 24×7 customer support team always at your service to help solve any problem.

Apparently, Ola is said to have verified background of their driver-partners and trained to deliver only the best experience


The difference!

A new add on that features and encourages rentals with hourly pricing.

You could take stops at multiple places, if you book prior to an hour.

Besides all of this, passengers don’t have to look out to the ever-slow-moving traffic but can engage themselves to Ola play that provides them with non-stop entertainment.

Ola’s main security is the emergency alert button and the live red tracking that it has in place to have a safer journey.


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