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Your Meesho Business? – Journey of Success!


 Meesho Success Story: You set the tone and tenure and Meesho will set the platform for you to grow your businesses and benchmarks. 80+ crore income with 1+crore users the conversions against 30,00,00,000+ Product Images Shared. The numbers are a way to look at the booming success.


Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, the two pillars of Meesho, were introduced to us in June 2015.  They have been introduced to us by two separate portfolio company founders, both with strong recommendations.

At the time, they were working on Fashnear — a hyperlocal, on-demand fashion marketplace with all the right buzzwords!  Let’s take a peer look at the new shootout questions on the net.


How does Meesho work?

Besides what google had to say, Meesho aims to soothe some of the WhatsApp commerce pain points. Meesho plans to do by moving much of the buying experience. Meesho is more likely dedicated to a mobile shopping app.

There, customers can browser ‘carousels’ of product, ask questions to the buyer, and make an online payment via a clickable URL if they prefer that to cash or bank transfer.


Is Meesho for real deal?

Most certainly, there are no fraudulent setbacks this website or the WhatsApp users have experienced till date. Using Meesho today and making money online sitting at your home is simple to dig through the procedure!


How easy is it to make fast money on Meesho?

In this video, you’ll know, how you can sell your products on Meesho. You need GST Number, PAN Card and Band Account to start selling your product on Meesho…

For more query, you can comment or join our telegram group.  With these simple techniques, the process is still easier.

Besides knowing that Meesho has several IIt-ians working for it, the perks persist for everyone at Meesho grows across and within domains, and wears many hats.

Meesho’s in-house Benefits Programme is designed and centred around its employees. We often get asked — what exactly are Employee Benefits? Well, Employee Benefits are various benefit and wellness programmes that are provided to employees over and above their regular compensation.

At Meesho, we are not only invested in each employee’s overall health, but also their future.

We believe in going beyond the basic benefits and work to offer a comprehensive range of rewards and benefits that are fair, competitive and progressive in the industry and the community we serve.

The overall benefits package offered by Meesho impacts important aspects of an employee’s life such as family, health & wellness, economic security, lifestyle, career development and last but not the least retirement planning.

Watch some of our employees talk about the benefits they have availed through Meesho, and how it has helped them solve unexpected problems in their lives.

Meesho’s Revenue Surge!

Growing small businesses and individuals to start on an online store, Meesho offers solutions for discovery, logistics and payments to enable easier transactions between resellers and buyers. The category is plagued with high return rates of as much as 40-50%.

The recent culture and growth at Meesho have a large part of the company’s expenses going towards employee salaries, logistics, marketing and reseller bonus, discounts, rewards and reimbursement.

In August, the company raised $125 million, led by Naspers, with participation from US technology company Facebook and existing investors SAIF Partners, Sequoia Capital, Shunwei Capital, RPS and Venture Highway.

Social commerce startup, Meesho reported revenue of Rs 84 crore for the financial year. The fiscal year to have ended on March 31. The revenue generated is Rs 6 crore in the corresponding period last year. Losses widened to Rs 100.42 crore from Rs 5 crore in the previous financial year, according to regulatory filings.

Social commerce app Meesho spent Rs 11 Cr to earn Rs 6 Cr revenue in FY18

This commerce start-up is at the secure levels, which has recently raised $50 million Series C round. It has revealed its financial performance in the fiscal year ended on March 31, 2018. The Vivek Aatrey led company clocked Rs 6.01 crore in revenue in FY18. It is a 5X jump from Rs 1.21 crore in FY17.

In the latest reported financial statements, an amount earned by providing application development services contributed the most. Meesho sums an overall revenue share of 48.5 per cent (Rs 2.91 crore). Shipping fee contributing to 30.6 per cent (Rs 1.84 crore), and commission contributing 20.8 per cent (Rs 1.25 crore) follows the share.

Speaking of numbers…

The online re-seller marketplace invested Rs 7.5 crores in mutual funds, according to the filings. And that it had raised Rs 13.06 crore from its parent Meesho Inc, throughout FY18 (roughly approximating to $2 million). The company has raised another Rs 47.75 crore (almost $7 million) at the end of the latest fiscal year. And from the same source via an issue of equity source.

So far, the firm has been able to bag several rounds of money. Yet, the firm manages to manage its finances well.  Meesho can get proactive before they go into a downward spiral.



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