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The Life-Changing Meeting With Srikanth Bureddy!

When hard work meets opportunity, miracles do happen! At times, miracles are just a step ahead of your beliefs. Srikanth Bureddy, the man of vision couldn’t see another talented kid waste his skills and efforts on playing small.

Saswata Das, a sales boy from Mumbai shares the story of his life-changing journey from the point he met Srikanth Bureddy, Director of Valueleaf Services India Pvt Ltd.

Hey Saswata, we learn that you’re new to Valueleaf family, what’s your hind side story before Valueleaf happened to you?

Hello!  I come from a nuclear family in Kolkata and I had recently moved to MUMBAI in search of marketing experience. I got through as a sales representative in the Apple store in Mumbai.



How does Srikanth Bureddy know you?

I think it started with the Apple EarPods!

One of those days when I used to work in Mumbai, Srikanth Sir visited the store for purchasing accessories. He used to visit us often, and I used to attend to him and take him through all the new gadgets in the apple market.

He is one such customer who doesn’t go by the pricing. I countered more questions from him, as I explained the features and showcased a few demos of Apple TV, the full-frame speakers and more to add on.

This was pretty frequent and I was happy helping him in choosing his gadgets or accessories. Further, post purchases, I guided him for more services related to the accessories and made sure it was easy for him. He is tough but down to earth customer.



When did “the talk” happen for coming to Bengaluru?

I wasn’t exposed to sales and marketing or digital marketing but I wanted to explore and learn more. Srikanth Sir offered me an opportunity and I wasn’t expecting that again.

Unaware of the digital industry, I thought it would be a bad idea moving to Bengaluru. But Srikanth Sir had asked me to call when I was ready and had changed my mind. Post a few months, I called him up myself and said, “is the vacancy still on?”. I couldn’t make a sound decision after all but spoke my head out to him.



So how did your interview go?  

Post the call from the HR and the AVP, I took one hour to decide and put things in place once for all. I booked the tickets and came down straight to Bengaluru with my backpack. Unaware of what the future would hold for me, I still didn’t know, what gave me the confidence to leave things behind and come to Bengaluru.



And when did you know that Srikanth Bureddy is none other than the Director of Valueleaf Services?

I was more than surprised to know that he was the Director of the well-known digital marketing agency. He has this common man’s attitude and it was after I got through the interview that I got to know of his stature. Now it all made sense and I can’t thank him enough already.


Thank you Saswata. We need not think that miracles are far far away from our lives to touch our luck. We wish you success in your journey ahead.

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