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India – World’s Second-Largest Startup Ecosystem

“India is the world’s second-largest startup ecosystem and this has made it incredibly exciting to curate the second edition of the Top Startups list. The list is symbolic of the thriving eco – system

system and features those companies that are vanguards of key trends in e-learning, healthcare, and financial services.

In terms of creating opportunity, the startup ecosystem continues to flourish by fulfilling employment needs across various industries amid the economic slowdown.

Our data shows that these 25 companies collectively created about 18,000 jobs in the past year, and are expected to create more than 19,000 new employment opportunities in the coming 12 months,”

says Adith Charlie, India Managing Editor, LinkedIn, in a statement.


We uncover the young companies commanding professionals’ attention today: the ones that are growing massively, scrambling industries, shifting talent flows around the world and, often, altering how we work and live.


Starting with the open office culture at a start-up is a great way to hold the path of success firmly at the beginning. The number of teams is essentially small in a start-up but the team members play a crucial role in building the company. One of the leading health start-up business is all over the place,, there are umpteen platforms to gather the life center such as your health, mind and learning together by expelling the bad lifestyle.

This is a mobile app that has a holistic approach towards health and fitness by bringing together all aspects of a healthy lifestyle on a single platform. offers both online and offline experiences across fitness, nutrition and mental well being through its 4 products, i.e,,, &

Often, we narrow down our expertise and try up-levelling our skills to earn a job. While exploring, options are narrowed down with the requirements of the company, but not where you need to stand. In a start-up, the are options widen and the opportunities increase thereafter.

There are several branches with .fit, such as the yoga that again has different platforms, hatha yoga, relax yoga, power yoga and you name it. You don’t run out of options and is less likely to happen in a start-up as it only has the means to grow but not narrow down! The highest risk here is the wrong investment. This creates a gamut of job opportunities and career paths.

The founder of

Mukesh Bansal is a technology entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder and CEO of Cure Fit. Mukesh is also the founder and former CEO of Myntra, a leading Indian E-commerce retailer, and has been listed in the Best 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs by Fortune magazine.


According to the stats of Cure.Fit!

Headcount in India: 500 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Most common skills: Analytics, Market Research, Operations Management | Largest job functions: Operations, Engineering, Healthcare Services

In the news: Cure.Fit’s performance has been clinical: it hit $100 million in annual revenue within three years of inception, made its international foray and outlined aggressive expansion plans.

The Mukesh Bansal-led health and fitness startup said it’d open fitness centers in Jammu & Kashmir four days after Article 370 was scrapped, becoming the first private firm to announce such plans.

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