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Aye Finance – Empowering the micro enterprises in India

Aye Finance Startup Story: Amongst the NBFCs and loaners, there is a cream layer of the banking sector that provides financial services to the micro and small businesses. Aye Finance stands apart in the very layer for its due course of quality services and customer satisfaction.

To say the least, it has changed many livelihoods and making more changes in lives that it is to cross. The innovative financial services are on constantly mentoring their expertise.

Aye Finance tunes analytics

Reformation of the data is the primary functioning of the Aye Finance company and this, in turn, creates deep business insights. They understand the data and culture it with a different ideology to support the right performance and quality services.

The technology behind Aye Finance

The secure systems pledge security not only to your data but throughout the loan tenure. The information is held highly confidential. Boosting operational controls to tune the low-cost delivery and hassle-free loan organization process.

The Board of Directors – Aye Finance

They foresee the company’s path and direction to set sail to the right destination the leaders have channelled the growth. Coherently, Mr Vikram Jaitley, the Executive Director has held senior leadership positions that subjects Retail liability distribution for banks like HDFC and National Bank of Oman.

Containing the strategy, risk and finance functions, the managing director of Aye Finance, Sanjay Sharma has banked customer satisfaction to the almost unbelievable levels. He thanks the management team to have stood the ground for better future of the AYE Finance.

Prof. Kanika T. Bhal is Modi Chair Professor at the Department of Management Studies at IIT Delhi. Proud to speak of the independent director, making her mark as the author of books that speak of culture, leadership and ethics.

Aye Finance provides undivided attention to the people who walk in from financial need, they intend to provide the best quality services. Besides Mortgage loans, Hypothetical loans and Add-on Loans which include seasonal and festive loan requirements.

A Customer Story of AYE Finance


Sukhbir Singh approached Aye Finance with the hope of finding a solution to his debt crisis. In over 2 years that he has been with Aye Finance, he has come out stronger than ever, his worries are behind him, his business is growing and his employees are content. Now as he graduates to second cycle loan with Aye Finance, we are glad to be able to support such a pleasant natured man.

Located in Panipat, Haryana, his manufacturing business ‘Gautam Handloom’ is now 15+ workers strong. He is completely involved in the work, as he has been since the ground up. It is truly an inspiration to see Mr Sukhbir reap the rewards of his labour.

When one enters his factory, they are immediately surrounded by a plethora of colours and patterns, stretching from floor to ceiling. These are of-course the Gupta Handloom rugs, carpets and bedspreads stacked all over.

Mr Sukhbir is a testament to the fact that 40% of our national industrial output comes from these very industries. Keep prospering and keep “Make(ing) In India”!

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