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Whistle – The Global Product Launch


A global venture to attune the transparency of mobile marketing technology is here! The grand launch of the “Whistle” in Goa on 12th July, 2019 amidst the makers of such genii affirmed that this product has the most vital features of technology.

Whistle – the application – eases your process by giving you a quick and easy access on your smart phone. This featurette is an a-typical tool that the Valueleaf family has pioneered in the mobile digital space today.

The Annual Success Meet of 2019 has set the stage to launch the tool globally. Members of the Valueleaf family have crafted this tool keeping most of the disadvantages of mobile marketing in mind. The heart of the tool is to set free the problems faced by the mobile marketing technology.

In a nutshell, Whistle is the beckoning lamp of mobile marketing technology, the purpose of which is to not only improvise the marketing standards but to give a rebirth to Mobile marketing.

The biggest businesses also fall prey to the devils of mobile marketing! Whistle contours that to emancipate the right goals and in the right direction without harming the environment.


Guess how?

Whistle helps its participants to think right over thinking big or small and urges to globalize the resources through its innovation.

A huge thanks to all the risk takers who manifested this and are willing to push forward the technology in the right direction. This will set newer ad higher standards amongst the upcoming industries and also amongst the existing ones.

To conjoin the success with Whistle, we thank the co-founder and the Director of Valueleaf Franchise. The challenger, the stake holder and the crew who sacrificed day and night to gift Whistle to modern mobile marketing technology, all the best!


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