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Valueleaf Offers Basic Staples In Fight Against COVID-19

The Novel Coronavirus has affected the smooth functioning of our country in the past few weeks. In order to control the further spread of this deadly virus amongst its citizens, the Indian Government recently announced a nationwide lockdown of 21 days. Social distancing, staying at home, maintaining hygiene and staying safe seems to be, by far, the best we can do in support of our fight against COVID-19.

Although the lockdown is helping the government keep the spread of this pandemic under check, a large sector of poor or the needy have been on a lookout to get the right amount of food, staples and essentials. Many people, especially the lesser privileged ones belonging to the lower strata of the society, have been either migrating to their hometowns or have been facing severe problems from loss of work to a lack of medical care and food supplies.

Valueleaf Offers Basic Staples

The hunger of these starving people is far worse than a disease! If not attended to well in time, it can make people loiter for food and do irrational things to quench their thirst and fill their appetite, which in turn will increase the number of infected cases India will eventually have.

Valueleaf Offers Basic Staples

It is this crisis that has united all of us in an attempt to help our fellow beings survive this pandemic phase. To emancipate the crisis, Valueleaf Group of Companies has come forward to help those who need our support the most.

Valueleaf Offers Basic Staples

Under the ‘Help Us Help Our People’ campaign, the company is providing basic staple grains like dal, rice, salt etc to the needy in Sector 7, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka. If you know of someone who is in need of these basic food items, you may ask them to reach out to their contact person, Mr. Vipin on +91 8904439568.


Let’s spread the word and lift up the spirits of those dying of hunger or in need. We are in this together!


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