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Trump Warns Modi about This in the Very First Meeting Itself

US President Donald Trump warned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his country must do more to reduce obstacles to U.S. exports even as he offered thanks for recent purchases of American-made equipment.

Trump said at a joint public appearance with Modi after the leaders met at the White House on Monday, 26th June 2017 that their two countries must have “a trading relationship that is fair and reciprocal” and “it is important that barriers be removed” to US exports to India. The meeting brought together two nationalist leaders who have made efforts to boost their domestic manufacturing industry signature issues.

Trump’s “America First” slogan echoes Modi’s own “Make in India” campaign. Modi said his economic plan and Trump’s “Make America Great Again” stance “will add new dimensions to our cooperation” and it is “very clear” each nation’s interests are bolstered by the other’s prosperity.

Exports to the US provide India its largest surplus with a trading partner — more than $24 billion in 2016 — for a country that ran a $105 billion trade deficit that year. The US president nonetheless offered jovial thanks for Indian interest in U.S.-made civilian aircraft and military armaments.

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