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How Will This Indian Train 18 Run Without An Engine?

Train 18 is Indian Railways’ latest service that may replace India’s quickest Shatabdi express train on the Delhi-Bhopal route from Jan 2019. Being factory-made at Integral Coach factory (ICF) city, Train 18 will be a special train for many reasons – the ‘Make in India’ train set are going to be able to travel at speeds of one hundred sixty kmph, it’ll have standard European-style seats, automatic doors with sliding footsteps, fully-sealed gangways, continuous windows for bird’s-eye experience etc.

However the foremost necessary feature, that may mark a technological shift for Indian Railways, and can be the primary step to the longer term of train travel in Bharat, is that the incontrovertible fact that Train eighteen can run while not AN engine! This new Train eighteen, codenamed when the year it’s being created in, are going to be a self-propelled plaything – a primary for Indian Railways for inter-city travel.

So, however can Train 18 run while not an engine?

To put it merely, Train 18 are going to be just like the underground trains and EMUs that run in cities or the residential district networks while not a locomotive transport them. However, just in case of Train eighteen the technological evolution of the idea is additional complicated since it additionally involves capability of running at one hundred sixty kmph. Train eighteen can have a driving cabin at each ends, hence eliminating the requirement to reverse the plaything, once it reaches its final destination. consistent with ICF officers that metal on-line spoke to, the idea of distributed power trainset for a inject categorical service may be a new ballgame!

To adopt the new idea, the traction system and power needed for lighting and air-conditioning on the train had to be modularised and distributed across the plaything as underslung, that’s below the chasis of the coaches. In typical LHB coaches, the traction system is a component of the locomotive and therefore the power for lights and air-conditioning is provided by separate generator power cars. This new idea needed development of a replacement style of the coach, bogies and electrical instrumentation.

An ICF official told monetary categorical on-line that almost all residential district trains run at a hundred kmph, wherever as in Train eighteen, the technology is additional complicated since it’s needed to run at one hundred sixty kmph. “Unlike the residential district EMUs, the system are going to be underslung fully for Train eighteen and therefore the plaything are going to be vestibule, that’s inter-connected,” the official aforesaid.

Explaining however Train eighteen can run while not AN engine, the ICF official aforesaid, “In Train 18, each alternate coach are going to be steam-powered /motorized. it’ll be be referred to as a motor coach. every motor coach can have four 3-phase traction motors of rating 250 kW, roughly creating the full rating of the motor coach – a thousand kW ( 1340 HP).” “For the 16-car plaything, this can calculate to eight motor coaches × 1340 horsepower = 10,720 HP. this can be the power obtainable for traction except for the air-conditioning and alternative auxiliary electrical hundreds. 2 motor coaches can get power from one electrical device mounted on the TC (trailer coach),” the official told.

Train 18, an all cool coach, is anticipated to roll go in Oct – when that it’ll be handed  over to the RDSO (Research designs and Standards Organisation). RDSO can extensively take a look at the new Train 18 before it’s declared suitable service on the Indian Railways network. Reckoning on the feedback from RDSO on Train 18, ICF can then manufacture additional train sets of this type.

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