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Sundar Pichai Annual Income?

‘Shy’, ‘intelligent student’ with ‘big handwriting’!

According to Hindustan Times, a journalist from the US wanted to know something about a person he insisted was a former student of his. “It was only after some enquiries that I realized that the person he was referring to as Sundar Pichai, then a senior vice-president in Google, was ex-student Pichai Sundarajan,” says the retired IIT Kharagpur professor, with a laugh!

That’s how IIT Kharagpur remembers one of their most famous alumni – Sundar Pichai, current Google CEO. Pichai worked in engineering and product management at Applied Materials and in management consulting at McKinsey & Company.

Up the Ladder:

List of corporate experts he worked under; the journey only carried him to where he is today. The underlying factor is that his techno-vamp stream flourished. Here is what GOOGLE is looking like today. “Under Pichai, Google has boosted sales from its core advertising and YouTube business, while also investing in machine learning, hardware and cloud computing, the report said.


Sundar Pichai at a Conference
Sundar Pichai

Talking Numbers:

Larry Page, Google’s co-founder and previous CEO, shifted his focus to growing new businesses under the Alphabet umbrella. The company’s compensation committee attributed the lavish pay to Pichai’s promotion to CEO and “numerous successful product launches”, the CNN reported.
With the advice following the promotion and as per the source we can compel the fact and calibrate the sum he draws every month.

Sundar Pichai & Anjali Pichai

Now, 3.6 crore per day says your Google search claiming that the CEO of Google – Pichai draws so much. At the age of 44, Sundar Pichai received nearly USD 200 million in compensation last year, double the amount he got in 2015. Pichai received a salary of USD 650,000 last year, slightly less than the USD 652,500 he earned in 2015.


In 2016, Google unveiled new smartphones, a virtual reality headset, a router, and a voice-controlled smart speaker.
Google’s “other revenues”, a category that includes hardware and cloud services, hit nearly USD 3.1 billion in the most recent quarter, a gain of about 50 per cent from the same quarter a year earlier. These efforts have started to pay off for the company.

But the long-time Google employee, who was named CEO during the company’s re-organization in August 2015, received a stock award of USD 198.7 million in 2016, roughly double his 2015 stock award of USD 99.8 million.

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