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The positive outlook on the economy reveals clear signs of revival

It is now that we will have to look into the finer details of the economy to find out if the post-pandemic world can help bloom economy.

One of the entrepreneurs Dr Aneel Kashi Murarka, MD of Mirachem Industries, sees this pattern though. Spoken like a visionary!

There is absolutely nothing wrong in expecting the economy to toss up for better when the odds are in our favour. There are a number of favours to favour the economy post-pandemic, yet our entrepreneur believes there could be pretty good recovery.

The last chunk of Rs. 20 Lakh crores addressed by our FM, Nirmala Sitharaman. 

The difference

The founder of Social Enterprise Ample Mission believes and states, “Many countries like us are in different stages of the pandemic and some are now starting to see a revival, so there is hope.”

Dr Murarka’s proactive measures to shape in home workstations during the nationwide lockdown. He also managed his company’s business and lending his hand for those in the devastating shape of health during a pandemic.

He owns both entrepreneur skill and that of philanthropic expertise as it has helped him reach out many people to help provide food supplies, medical safety kits & basic essentials.

So, the like-minded NGO’s collaborated with Murarka to further the public services to the less privileged. More so, his son Sidhaant also helped Murarka reach a far wider public than what was in scope.


After a dark night is the brightest day!

Of course, as per PM Modi’s decision on the 20 Lakh crore package, the odds are In our favour and this could help create more self-sustained India.

There are numerous opportunities that will pave a way to expand our economy and post COVID – 19 phases. “After the pandemic, people all over the world will stay away from Chinese products because of mistrust. But India will emerge as an attractive alternative market, and the Indian economy will start growing exponentially,” Murarka says.

Acting at the right time with the right measures will help build a stronger foundation of the government’s; vision on making India a manufacturing hub.

“With our collective social and economic efforts, let’s take a pledge to make India a ‘sone ki chidiya’ once again,” he adds.

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