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A Life Without Purpose Is A Continuous Death”, says Srikanth Bureddy!

Congratulations, Mr Srikanth Bureddy! In honor of receiving the request from a International renown Publishing house to write a book, you must have been humbled down to write one. We are sure that there are compelling thoughts to sit on your Sunday desk and draft lines already, as you’re the go ready personality.


A Life Without Purpose Is A Continuous Death”, says Srikanth Bureddy


Has the request pleased you to write a book yet?

Yes! I have always wanted to. Not that I was waiting for a call but now I cannot ignore my interest any longer.


What can we expect? Is it going to be an Auto-Biography?

I haven’t decided that yet, but I will have certain effective life events narrated in the book, the events that beat the right node at the right time in my life.


Have you ever had thoughts of coming up with a book of your own, previously?

Yes! I have, to be honest! I have thought on the lines of “INTEGRITY” … I think writing books will be the last project of my life. And I have lived by the quote, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition” as Jobs once said.


What is writing a book like in your experience?

I have never written before to have known the experience. But I am more than willing to do so. In my view, it is not only gives out the perspective of a man who wants to achieve more but to sum up the “purpose of life” behind it.


Thanks a million Srikanth for your valuable time! We are eagerly waiting to see the snaps and the posts of you engaging on your Sunday writing desk. And all be it for the release of your book, as we can’t miss out on the wisest words from a man of vision.

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