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Law to strengthen Anti-terrorism agency.

Cabinet aligns the law to strengthen Anti-terrorism agency.


Since the Pulwama attack and before that when several places such as the Mumbai railways, Banks of Ganga and of course the great outburst at the Oberoi hotels proved nothing more than demonic terror, bringing down the survival instinct in the civilians.


Let’s jog our memory…

1] In 2002, the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) was established with the innate interest to create strengthen the anti-terrorism.

2] The Act, purely defined the terrorist and an act of terrorism by definition.

3] The uncalming event, the Act was defeated in the Upper house (Rajya Sabha). Though it was passed in the joint session mainly the lower house or the Lok Sabha had the majority seats who made the POTA a success.


1] Too close to the true face of the disaster set the UPA government on heat. The establishment of the Act turned down 250 people nationwide in less than 2 months. There on, 9 months increased the number up to 940 to channel the act forcefully.

2] This had the prisoners having the time of life in jail. The very Congress dismissed the act despite the proposal and need of the Act.

And Now…

1. Only this time the section seems to define the law well. The cabinet approved the NIA (National Investigation Agency) to combat the terror in India.


Terror Intelligence

2. Sources of TOI clearly claim that the law is strengthened to empower the NIA act to empower the agency against the terrorism and investigate the terror acts on foreign soil in the event where the Indian Nationals or interests are harmed.




3. NIA moves to widen the scope of the investigation. This Act includes cyber-terrorism cases registered under section 66F of the Information Technology Act.

4. Covering the Human-trafficking of inter-state and international linkages under the IPC crimes under sections 370 and 371, this Act is supposed to be aceing the government’s crime-free plan.


Too sad that our country ranks second.


5. The NIA act searches in the state too without the consent of the top officials in the very state.

We anticipate seeing a crime reduced country if not a crime-less country. Hope this armour truly stays beyond the governments that come to change.

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