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Jio Phone Launches With Or Without WhatsApp?

The much-awaited Jio Phone is out in the market after a long wait. Reliance has already started the delivery of the Reliance 4G feature handsets. But, what makes customers think is there is no WhatsApp on Jio Phone. There are lot of customers curiously waiting to know the answer to this question that if Jio Phone users ever get W8hatsApp on the handsets.

This is what the officials have to say about it. The officials representing Reliance Jio is in touch with WhatsApp Inc to develop the app so that Jio Phone can also enjoy WhatsApp on their Jio handsets. But for now, Jio Phone has no Google Play Store or Apple App Store, hence as of now, users are not able to use WhatsApp.

Once WhatsApp designs and develops the messaging app for KaiOS (the operating system on which Jio Phone runs), users will be able to use WhatsApp on Jio Phone as well, ” a Jio representative told

The Phone comes with pre-loaded Jio apps for messaging and entertainment. It can be connected with television sets for watching live TV using the Jio TV app. According to the reports, the delivery of about 6 million Jio Phones started this Sunday and expected to be completed within 15 days.

It was also reported that the Deliveries of the low-cost 4G handsets will begin from rural areas and small towns before urban centers. The Pre-booking of the Rs 1500 Jio Phone started on August 24 against payment of a refundable deposit of Rs 500. The customers will have to pay Rs 1,000 when the company starts delivering the handsets. After three years the entire amount will be refunded against the return of the phone.

As per CyberMedia Research, a total of 61.8 million mobiles were shipped in the second quarter of 2017. With 6 million units of sale, Jio Phone is estimated to account for around 10 percent of India’s total mobile phone market in a quarter. Mukesh Amban, The Reliance Jio Chairman had announced that voice calling for customers of Jio Phone would always be free and they would get unlimited data for a month against a payment of Rs 153.


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