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International Mens Day – We need to celebrate our men too..

This International Men’s Day, lets show some love.

International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day are celebrated with much glory and grandeur. Social media platforms would be flooded with heart-rending posts and pictures celebrating the divinity of womanhood. The counterpart of these two days, International Men’s Day and Father’s Day, takes the back seat in terms of popularity and is often forgotten.

It is equally important to celebrate all the men in our life. They may be our rock, but our fathers, husbands, sons, nephews, brothers, and friends need our support too.

Some hard facts to look at this International Men’s Day:
  • Nearly 70 percent of all suicide deaths in India involve males
  • There are more homeless men than women
  • Men are also victims of domestic abuse
  • Men are the majority of victims of violent crimes
  • There are more male prisoners than female prisoners
  • Men on average serve longer in prison

Despite being the privileged class, men are rarely allowed to express their emotions. Under the branding of masculinity, they are asked to make silent sacrifices for their family and society. They are supposed to smile at the face of trouble, gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection (which is also silent by the way).

Men are as much victims of gender stereotyping as women. In fact, little boys are encouraged not to express their distress and anxiety, because – tough men don’t. Moreover, tears are a big no-no, because – boys don’t cry. This kind of gender stereotyping can damage them.

Men also need a platform to express themselves when they are sad, angry, or anxious without getting branded as sissies. They also need to be heard. Instead of saying ‘man up’, next time you see a struggling man, lend him an ear.

A special message to all the ladies out there…

Men too, deserved to be spoiled, told they are handsome, told their efforts are appreciated, and should also be made to feel secure. If he treats you like a queen, you should treat him like a king.

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