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Here Is What You Can Do To Save Your Computer From ‘Ransomware’

Now your office, organisation, institution is already doing what it needs to in order to keep themselves safe from one of the biggest ransomware Cyber Attacks and an attack of this mammoth size should act as a reminder for personal users like you and I to prepare for personal ransomware attacks.

Just so that you know, the new ransomware, named as “WannaCry”, is a malware that encrypts contents on infected Windows systems and demands payment in bitcoins for amount ranging from $300 to $600 to release your data. It has already spread across over 100 countries affecting Hospitals in England, Interior Ministry in Russia, Germany train station, Fedex USA and Academic Institutes in China. And India is one of the key targets.

Anand Ramamoorthy, Managing Director, India & SAARC, McAfee says, “The WannaCry attacks is perhaps one of the largest and most widespread ransomware attack in recent history, with India being a prime target. The most affected were those, who were running old and unpatched software, which threatens more than just data of the consumers. Hackers could even use the promise of a WannaCrypt fix as bait for further infections; hence users have to be extremely skeptical.

So once you have done that here are the three key rules to keeping safe online-

  1. Back up your files
  2. Update your devices
  3. Cloud storage
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