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Live scores, please!


Well, we are back with the World Cup season again. Grab that popcorn tub and props to cheer your best team to make it to the finals!


Though cricket is cancelled as an Olympic sport, the hype and craze go parallel to that of the contests of Olympics. Since, the Sunday Leagues were a hype the,  today the ICC World Cup league is predominantly bleeding passion among the countries that grew.


History of  ICC Cricket World Cup!


As per the sources, England hosted the 1983 event the third consecutive time and Sri Lanka becomes the Test playing nation. Beat the champions! they were none other than the INDIANS! Leading by 43 runs in the final, West Indies lost to India. Diving in the odds, before the match began India’s challenge was 66 to 1 as quoted.


Needless to say, the hard work only compels the teams to culminate their game to the finals. The International Cricket Conference (ICC) came into existence via Australia, South Africa and England in 1909. The Imperial Cricket Conference which was created by these countries was later named as the International Cricket Conference in 1965.



ICC World Cup Vs The Olympics!

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the third biggest sporting event in the world. FIFA World cup, however, takes the first place against the Olympics. Olympics beats FIFA World Cup as Football only has 32 countries involved with it.


(London, United Kingdom – June 26, 2016: Prudential Cup trophy kept at MCC cricket museum at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. The Cricket Worldcup Trophy between 1975-1983 )


To the voice-overs who run the show from the background have the ultimate joy of expressing the spinner’s throw and batting styles. Looks like they have double humanoid pixel lenses to their eyes. The Commentators! Choice and Voice go in the same direction. The instant verbal catch with a topping wide comment and making several runs the live sport the ultimate game changer.


(A Still from Virat’s Amazing play!)

This global sporting event brings many countries together, not just as a global sport but representing their countries passion for sports more outspoken and uplifted than ever.



However, the passionate game doesn’t take it’s undue place in United States of America. Apart from the T20’s the likely hype is 10 folds more to the ICC World Cup. And this year the heat is all up the ground as 2019 brings the ultimate conquerors on the ground.


The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup is the 12th edition of the Cricket World Cup, being hosted by England and Wales from 30 May to 14 July 2019.


For those who are out with the team in the stadium, can only live the experience 10 times to that of the viewer’s experience via his home theater for his home country team.

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