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Has Modi Government wasted the five-year period?

2014 was an important year for India’s political history. In the same year, the election of May was astonishingly surprising.   Before the 2014 elections, almost all political analysts have concluded, that the single-party system of the Union administration has come to an end. But It happened again after 30 years Under the leadership of NDA. After 1984, a political party secured majority votes and seized power at the center. Not only that, but its uniqueness was the feudal party Congress, which was handed over as a family in India’s rule, saw the world’s most shameful state in its history as a result of its haughtiness and the immoral scorn of the world itself.

A small group of team Modi had put on Narendra Modi, in front as a new middle-class Messiah, and with the full backing of Sangh Parivar’s organizations, with the long-term and tremendous efforts along with the complete dedication of the corporate corporations, PR from the US, NDA worked. The obvious message “no more if not now” was put on each of the Sangh Parivar’s brains.  This spectacular performance of Team Modi was on the shoulders of the propaganda and brainstorming speeches under the leadership of the companies. And the results were positive for the team. That was a long-awaited Sowing of long-term efforts.   A number of promises were put in front of the people by the National Democratic Alliance when facing Lok Sabha elections in 2014. How much of these promises have been fulfilled in the last five years since their term of office today?  As we know it better, In the case of economic policies and neo-liberal policies, the BJP is only a clone of the ruled party called Congress.

The Indian Chronic Capitalists left Congress on the Sangh Parivar’S Confirmation that the new economic reforms initiated by the Congress in the early 90s will be done more efficient and more laborious by them. We have seen these five years in which Modi has implemented that promise very efficiently. It may be helpful to take a few points before considering Modi’s performance in the five years. First of all, it is good to remember Ashish Nandi, a NON-ENTITY politician who wrote a post after a long interview with Narendra Modi in the early 1990s. “It was a long rambling interview, but it left me in no doubt that here is a classic, clinical case of a fascist (I never use the term “fascist” as abuse, to me, it is a diagnostic category) “

Ashish Nandi, a clinical psychologist, referred to Theodore Adorno’s ‘personality trait indicator – fascism scale’. We can see all the signs of fascist personalities in Modi. Whether it is the uncontrolled passion for power, or the contradiction between what is said and done, even if it is a psychological mechanism the absence of emotional turmoil to carry out the intention to reach the goal if it is in the worst and the intolerance to the opposite sounds. This observation is very relevant when we consider the Modi government. One of the basic elements of Modi and his government is the ultimate intolerance of criticism. This intolerance is seen most effectively in Gujarat. In Gujarat riots, some of the brave officers who spoke against Modi were faced with severe hunting and torture, including Malayalee Sreekumar. In the same course, Modi has implemented the government’s anti-people policies. If anyone questioned, they are either hounded as Maoists or anti-nationalist and have been hunted constantly. The community of India was historically controlled by the elite. It has limited the meaning of democracy because of its class/color nature. The Dalits, the minorities, the Adivasis, the women and the peasants under this system struggles a lot. But this doesn’t mean that we are helpless. Anti-fascist movements across the country give hope for the citizens. History reminds us that the end of all darkness will rise to the light.


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