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Is Finance Minister Resigning Over The PNB Scam Case?

Various workers groups, farmers and youths under the banner of Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan (JEJAA) today demanded the resignation of the Union finance minister and a Supreme Court-monitored probe into the role of PMO in the PNB scam.

The JEJAA claimed that the PM Modi-led government had flunked to prevent the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam despite having information about it in advance.

“JEJAA demands an independent probe into the PNB scam. The Supreme Court must monitor the investigation and probe the role of PMO. We also stipulate the resignation of the finance minister owning moral responsibility,” it said in a statement.

Alleging the prime ministers close proximity to the main culprits, Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi, the JEJAA also said the apex court should ensure that the CBI investigation team remains free from the “influence of the PMO”.

Questioning the resignation of the finance minister, the association blamed both the finance ministry and the Reserve Bank of India for the scam and said all big advances made by the banks should be subjected to rigorous scrutiny by an independent agency under the direct monitoring of the Supreme Court.

The JEJAA said the instances of fraud would undermine the very existence of the banking system and would lead to loss of trust of the public in banks.

“By making some lower level officials scapegoats, the authorities are trying to evade the discussions on true facts. The government is now attempting to accept the FRDI Bill in Parliament in rush to shift the loss incurred by the banks on account of loans taken by big corporates onto the shoulders of the common masses of this country. The disastrous consequences of crony capitalism are now being borne by the banking system,” the JEJAA said.

The organisation is determined to mobilise the masses and build opposition to the governments “disastrous policies”, the statement said.

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