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Four Big New Features Added To The Whatsapp

Whatsapp has issued a new update for its iOS app adding features such as support for the newly-launched iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max, continued playback for audio messages, new interface for bubble menu, and more options for Status reply. The WhatsApp for iOS v2.18.100 supports the large display on the iPhone Xs Max, in addition to more stability on the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr. It was needed because the previous version of WhatsApp had UI compatibility issues with the big display on iPhone Xs Max.

The new WhatsApp for iOS also brings a new feature that plays the audio message continuously if the sender has sent them back-to-back. This will eliminate the need to tap on each voice message when they have been sent consecutively. Apart from this, the WhatsApp bubble action menu has been redesigned. The bubble menu pops up on a long tap and shows options such as Delete, Reply, Forward, Star, Copy, Delete, and more. While WhatsApp calls it a redesign, it’s more of an attempt to make performing message actions faster.

The third feature that’s a part of the WhatsApp’s new update is the addition of more reply options for Status. Earlier, you could only reply to a Status with text message, image, GIF image, and video but the update adds more options to the list. A WhatsApp Status can be replied to using voice messages, locations, documents, and even vCards (contact sharing). This feature is available on WhatsApp for Android app as well.

There’s another feature that has been added by the Facebook-owned company to WhatsApp in this update but isn’t active as of now. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp version 2.18.100 comes with support for video previews in the notification panel. However, the report adds that this feature will be active in “future”. Currently, the WhatsApp notification shows image, GIF previews, besides the regular text messages.

The report also mentions that WhatsApp has added the Dark Mode in alpha stage, so it will take some time to start appearing in the beta version before finally debuting on the stable channel. To recall, WhatsApp was recently reported to be working on at least three features – Vacation Mode, Silent Mode, and Linked Accounts.

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