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Enough With Bitcoin. What About Indicoin Now

The euphoriant rise in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has been verbalised not simply in India but across the world too. Several specialists are counting on the rising cryptocurrency whereas others decision it a ‘bubble’.

But, Bitcoins may well be a thing of past if India develops its own cryptocurrency – ‘Indicoin’ that might even surpass this capitalisation of Bitcoin, Nilesh Shah, MD of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company same on the sidelines of Kotak Securities Midcap Conference on weekday.


“There may be a tremendous extent of interest within the Bitcoin and that I have to be compelled to regret spoken that, I’m highly disqualified on commenting on Bitcoins. But, I actually have a new suggestion, rather than stepping into Bitcoin at USD 200bn marketcap, why not we tend to produce ‘Indicoin’, said Shah.

Shah stated that we are capable of creating 1 dollar to USD 20,000 and build a USD 500 billion market cap and hock it off to any or all non-Indians. So they will have their Indicoins and that we can have their bucks.

Chicago-based derivatives exchange Cboe world Markets launched its readily anticipated bitcoin futures late on Sunday that gave Bitcoin bigger legitimacy and cause its wider use.


Bitcoin mania pushed the cryptocurrency higher than $18000 on the longer term stock market. Provided the condition that the currency has nearly tripled in worth over the past month, the futures rating suggests investors that it’ll now not be a single way street for the cryptocurrency.

The RBI has already warned investors relating to the “potential economic, financial, operational, legal, client protection and security connected risks” related to the trade of cryptocurrencies.

The bank had clearly declared that “creation, commerce or usage of virtual currency (VCs), as a medium for payment aren’t authorised by any financial institution or financial authority.

In case you intend to sell your Bitcoin in India, the returns might attract the 20% – 30% tax, a report said. However, the taxation would rely on the categorization of such returns—if they’d constitute business financial gain or capital gains.

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