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Easing down the lock-down in Karnataka!

After the never-ending toll of lockdown, the Karnataka government seems to have decided to ease the lockdown 2.0. Starting this Thursday, today, all range of services from private clinics, veterinary centres to home repairs, carpentry, plumbers, electricians including mechanics will open their services.

The order was issued on Wednesday by the government, strictly stating that these services will not be applicable for the COVID – 19 hotspots & containment zones.



  • This degree of relaxation will not include the education sectors and non- essential travel agencies.
  • However, sub-registrar offices will be open only in 11 districts.
  • Further, with no mass gathering, only funerals are permitted with limited members of 20 in number.

The parallel functioning unit, IT-ITes firms will continue to function with the minimum and only the essential staff.

The state chief secretary T M Vijay Bhaskar said, “The government has left it to the companies to decide their minimum staff requirement and discuss it with the IT-BT department before resuming work. We will allow only critical staff, who are identified and issued passes, to function. The others will continue to work from home,”.

The government ordered that plumbers, electricians and mechanics will need police passes to resume their works!


The revival of the economy gate!

These orders of relaxation of the lockdown are purely to bring to life the economy brick by brick. Deputy CM CN Ashwath Narayan, who holds the IT-BT portfolio said, ..While there will be challenges, the government is geared up to meet them”.

Adding to the specifications, the companies will have to encourage the employees with children up too age 5 and elderly(65 and above) to strictly work from home, “We would encourage IT-BT companies to use the services of contract carriages to ferry their employees or continue with the work-from-home option,” said another senior official.


The others!

Amidst the relaxation, there are few other essential activities allowed to resume. Hotels for parcel services, agricultural producers marketing committee yards, production of cement, steel, tiles and bricks.

The self-employed who live on a daily income, such as carpenters, electricians, motor mechanics and plumbers, will be allowed to work, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing,” he said. All private and veterinary clinics can also reopen. Hotels, homestays, lodges and motels can function to accommodate those stranded in the lockdown.



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