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Cracks In Opposition As All These Parties Attended The Parliament Session With JD(U)

A week ago, 17 Opposition parties had come together and announced Meira Kumar as their joint candidate for the upcoming Presidential election. However, as Narendra Modi-led government launched India’s biggest economic reform at the stroke of midnight hour on June 30, the cracks within these parties were clearly visible. Even though Congress had decided to boycott the gala event held at the Central Hall of the Parliament and even the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gave it a skip, key allies such as NCP, SP, BSP and JD (U) were among the attendees.

Congress wasn’t the only opposition party that skipped the event but was joined by TMC, Left parties, RJD and DMK.

However, the differences withing Opposition were exposed right ahead of the major Presidential and vice-presidential election. From NCP, party Chief Sharad Pawar and his daughter and MP Supriya Sule attended the function.

From the Samajwadi Party, Ramgopal Yadav and Naresh Agarwal attended the event. “When Parliament has passed the Bill, why shouldn’t we be here? Both the sides came together and passed the Bill,” said Yadav.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader Anand Sharma defended party’s position. “The Congress has taken its decision…Other Opposition parties have taken their decisions — TMC has taken the decision, the Left and the DMK have taken their decisions. It is not a matter of controversy. The Congress had not put forward any condition before any party,” he said.

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