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COVID – 19 status in India, Italy and China

We have welcomed stage 3 of COVID -19 and now it doesn’t get any better to India. It is a ‘Notified Disaster’/ Covid-19: Besides having the #janathacurfew with the precedence of the disease India is staring at a possible catastrophe. It is high time; the government can save the day.

Looks like the coronavirus pandemic will have far bigger implications on the medical, social and economic well-being of individuals and the nation at large. We are aware that only and only social distancing and hygienic body language with the use of sanitizers can help prevent the spread of this.

The government should take pro-active measures to keep the ecosystem on guard from coronavirus. Let alone the loss of jobs and income, the preventive measures are very important to sustain your life amidst the big pandemic.


A word from Apple CEO:

Tim Cook, the CEO of outstanding Apple territory, said the tech giant’s retail operation outside China was going online for two weeks to fight the global viral pandemic. In a lengthier online statement, Cook said Apple’s stores in China have now reopened.


On Saturday evening:

India declared Covid-19 as a “notified disaster”! India further added that this is an expected catastrophe where we could enable assistance and release the emergency funds at this peak hour.

The Centre has also announced an ex-gratia payment of Rs 4 lakh to families of those who die of coronavirus. The call arrived after the COVID -19 number rose from 10 to 84, including two deaths.

Out of the lot, only 10 people seemed to have recovered fully. Despite knowing the average health condition of people in India is very less. 50% of Indian women are anaemic, more so including the elders and children making up to a good percentage of the industry.

The health ministry said that more than 4,000 people who had contact with the confirmed cases are under surveillance.



How the government can help?!

Depending on the extent of social distancing, the government must be prepared to respond commensurately and step up and fulfil two urgent needs in society – needs that can potentially be dovetailed: (a) the urgent need to care for the growing number of sick people, and (b) the urgent need to keep people employed.

The government should have a contingency plan to get the hospitals stock up for the storm of cases that is about to enter. Having the most exquisite medical care Italy isn’t able to satiate the medical needs to the outnumbered patients. With the present facilities and trace down of the cases we have to be prepared for the stage 4 plan.


The key takeaways:


  • Overall, the only way to achieve both goals is to redirect those who are about to lose jobs and to care for those who are about to be sick. Key ideas:
  • Social distancing is necessary but will cause economic pain. The government should mitigate that pain by co-opting society and private companies in the fight against Covid-19.
  • Tests should be made widely available, and people should be provided with incentives to get tested as soon as possible.
  • The government can house quarantine patients in hotels to keep them away from the rest of society.
  • People should be treated for Covid-19, irrespective of their ability to pay for the treatment.


The outcome!

Many people will lose their jobs because of the economic collapse. The government should immediately hire them for disinfecting public spaces.

  • Companies should retool to address equipment and medical shortages.
  • National health infrastructure should be brought on a par with developed nations.
  • Create a national health administration agency soon.


Our neighbours:

In the US, the House of Representatives early Saturday passed an economic relief plan to deal with the spreading virus that includes free testing for everyone who needs it and two weeks of paid sick leave to allow people with the virus to stay home from work and avoid infecting co-workers. It also includes enhanced jobless benefits, increased food aid for children, senior citizens and food banks, and higher funding for Medicaid benefits.

Meanwhile, Rwanda and Mauritania have recorded their first cases of the coronavirus. Rwanda’s health ministry says an Indian citizen has tested positive. Nineteen of Africa’s 54 countries have now registered virus cases.

Spain has decided to follow Italy in declaring a nationwide lockdown to slow the accelerating spread of the coronavirus epidemic. Health authorities said infections have reached 5,753 people.

Millions of Italians woke up Saturday to find that mayors of many cities, including Rome and Milan, had decided to close public playgrounds and parks. Denmark closed all its borders to travellers.

Russia has also said that its land borders with Norway will be closed to foreigners.

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