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Coronavirus is stubborn than we claim it is!

Coronavirus: In the last couple of weeks, the challenge of protecting our people from the deadly COVID – 19 seems to have escalated rapidly. The rise in death rates is like hot cakes being sold in the China market. The cost to the world that COVID – 19 has engraved is larger than the consequences of war.


Preventing Coronavirus:

Now, listen you might carefully, lockdown alone doesn’t help in preventing the coronavirus. There is more to this deadly virus that is sneaky and cruelly bounty.

The death toll in Italy is shockingly high with a maverick number. The Prime Minister initiated the lockdown period in the late stages. This could or could prevent further cases from happening as the virus is already got its electric chain.


Former Governor of RBI:

Raghuram Rajan, former reserve bank of India governor, seemed to have shared a few words with the media in this hot colossal outbreak.

“This is a serious concern because not only does the lockdown keep people from going to work, it keeps them at home which is not necessarily that pristine isolated place, but can also be a slum where people live together,” Rajan said in an interview with Bloomberg.

“It may be hard to prevent infections from spreading,” he added saying the lockdown will create a substantial hardship for the poorer sections of the society.

India was never prepared for a breakdown such as this and we will not allow this outbreak to break our health down any further.

21-day lockdown:

The state and the country seemed to have set the lockdown orders for the upcoming 20 days. Crashing the business lines, creating unemployment and dearth of food and medicines among the less rich and poor.

Thanks to the fundamentals that the government has solely agreed to provide during the lockdown. WHO has appreciated the precautionary measure that the government has taken beforehand. The basic hygiene that the government has brought awareness amongst its people could, however, prevent a handful of people.

Yet, there is more to this deadly virus.

1.3 Billion:

India’s high population density has made it more prone to the COVID-19 virus sweeping across the globe. With 650 positive cases so far and thirteen casualties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered 1.3 billion residents to stay home to keep India from sliding into a disaster that could dwarf what China, Italy, Spain and the United States have faced.

Rajan also cited the country’s weak infrastructure as a hindrance to the government’s COVID- 19 fight, saying all resources need to be used to tackle the current health crisis.

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