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There Is More To The Citizenship Amendment Act – 2020!

The reports generated clearly claimed that the 1000+ who had gathered amidst all the protests had many academicians, intellectuals and research scholars supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Do you really get it?

It is indeed the collective statement that came across supporting the CAA to have understood the country’s nuances better. The statements recurred as, “that the act fulfils the long-standing demand of providing refuge to persecuted religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.”

The breakdown of the Citizenship Amendment Act has had the most revolutionary response from the country. The Live updates are:

“Ever since the failure of the Liaquat-Nehru pact of 1950, various leaders and political parties like the Congress, CPM etc, cutting across the ideological spectrum, have demanded the grant of citizenship to religious minorities from Pakistan and Bangladesh who mostly belong to the Dalit castes,” the group stated with anonymous heads giving an up-close on the CAA.

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The turnaround of events amidst the protest had many congratulating the Parliament and government for “standing up for forgotten minorities” and “upholding the civilizational ethos of India”.

Also, the statements that fled out were very thankful for providing a haven to those fleeing religious persecution.

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As elaborated!

“We also note with satisfaction that the concerns of the North-eastern states have been heard and are being addressed appropriately.

We believe that CAA is in perfect sync with the secular Constitution of India as it does not prevent any person of any religion from any country, seeking Indian citizenship.

Nor does it change the criteria of citizenship in any way; merely providing a special expedited redress, under special circumstances, for minorities fleeing religious persecution from three specific countries i.e. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan,” they said.

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The Closure!

“It does not in any way prevent Ahmadis, Hazaras, Baloch or any other denominations and ethnicities, from these same three countries, seeking citizenship through regular processes,” the statement said.

The muddled scape!

The group said that an atmosphere of fear and paranoia is being created in the country

through deliberate unclear & fear-mongering leading to violence in several parts of the country.

“We appeal to every section of society to exercise restraint and refuse to fall into the trap of propaganda, communalism and anarchism,” the group couldn’t resist these statements out.

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