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Cars Would Run Now By Using Water As a Fuel

Some of India’s brightest and innovative minds from IIT Roorkee have developed a new electric car prototype that requires no fuel or even electricity and will almost cost as much as your standard car. This car prototype takes it power from water and aluminium and has zero emissions. One of the biggest concern today in India is the rising prices of the fuel and if this project coming out of India’s leading educational institute, IIT-R will see solving the fuel crisis in India.

A report on The Print confirms that IIT-R students have started a new start-up called Log9 Materials and has developed an electric car that will need water and an aluminium plate to get its power from. Based out of an incubation cell, the project started about two years back and has developed the batteries that generate its power from just water and AL. Globally, we have seen many project cars running on water, however, this is the first time this innovation has been developed here in India.

It does get better, the students who developed this car running on water says that it will give a range of 1,000 kms on a single charge and would require 1L of water every 300 kilometres. Once you cross the 1,000 km mark, the aluminium plate has to be replaced and the whole process will not take more than 15 minutes. These plates cost about Rs 5000 and as the demand goes up, the cost is likely to go down in future. The car is still in its project stages and tests are being conducted to see its commercial viability.

Akshay Singhal, IITian and founder-CEO of Log9 Materials also confirmed to ThePrint that his start-up is in talks with some automobile companies and is ready with car’s prototype.

The Technology Behind Car’s Running On Water:

Further, it explains that the process of running the car using water as a fuel is based on the simple fuel cell technology that uses electrochemical reaction to produce electricity. The metal plate inside along with Graphene rod is used and water helps to carry the ions to the respective positive and negative nods. The produced energy is during the process is used by the electric motor to drive the car. The design is indeed innovative and the IITians are confident that these batteries will have a longer run.

This new innovative car that uses fuel has water has been applauded by many industry leaders. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Founder of Biocon tweeted saying “Innovative! Researchers at #IITRoorkee have developed an #environmentfriendly electric car prototype that runs on water and aluminium!

To reduce India’s oil import bill, the government is very clear on having vehicles running on alternative source of fuel and is betting big on electric vehicles. Innovation like these will further help India to achieve its electric dream quickly. Cars and SUVs powered by fuel cell have been on sale globally but at a hefty price tag.

For IITians now the bigger challenge will be to keep the cost of the car in check. Mass production means the need for proper and durable batteries which at the moment are very expensive in India. This new technology can solve the big problems faced by electric vehicles in India today. The range and charging time of the vehicle.

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