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What Did The Amazon do Wrong To Invite The Wrath Of BJP!

An inaccurate map sold on the Amazon marketplace in Canada has invited the wrath of BJP’s Delhi Wing. A vinyl wall sticker map sold on the Amazon Canada marketplace attracted the attention of BJP Delhi spokesperson Tajinder Pal S Bagga who sent out a tweet asking that the product be removed from the website immediately.

“ is selling distorted Map of India. It’s unacceptable. Remove this from your website & stoop selling immediately (sic),” said the tweet posted on May 6, 10.27 pm.

Retailed by a newly-registered seller on the platform called DIYthinker for C$25.35, the map represents Indian Territory with the exception of disputed areas occupied by Pakistan and China.

The seller also retails maps of other countries, cell phone covers, and other accessories on the Amazon Global platform and does not ship to India.

Upon asking, Amazon India replied with an email statement saying, “We are looking into it; we remain committed to complete legal compliance at all times.”

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