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71 deaths in 24 hours

Checking the everyday numbers are invariably shocking as the number of cases per day increase to 2487. The count shoots past 40,000!


The lockdown relief!  

As the Delhi govt allows opening of shops of liquor, paan, gutka, tobacco and more such small packet vendors attract crowd inevitably. Hence the norms go as to maintain a 6 ft distance between each person at such standalone shops.


The Mumbai stories!

Besides sanitising the whole state corners and more the count account 441 new cases in Mumbai and 21 deaths. The reports showcase the count to be 8613 & 343 deaths. Totally there are 1804 patients discharged till date.


The Dharavi cases!

Reporting 94 new cases with 2 deaths today! Thought the death toll is at 20 the count of positive cases flees to 590.


The 441 & 332 cases!

On the other hand, Punjab and Haryana stand active with the 332 and 441 cases around a death toll of 21::5. But, 245 discharged in Haryana & 117 cured in Punjab.


The side stories!

  1. The migrants especially labourers like vegetable farmers face problems. The resource(veggies) are all found rotting without reaching the convenient stores forming inconvenience to the people in need!
  2. A patient recovers in Himachal Pradesh which concludes that Una district is coronavirus-free.
  3. Goa is a green zone but has banned the entry to the outsiders for now!
  4. The revenue updates from the DEHLI CM as the lockdown has pushed the economy to the edge. The revenue since an has fallen from 3500 crores to 300 crores. The stakes are exponentially high.
  5. Suicide was the leading cause for over 300 “non-coronavirus deaths” reported in India due to distress triggered by the nationwide lockdown, revealed a new set of data compiled by a group of researchers.



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