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The 7 commandments for COVID – 19!


14th April at 10 AM, our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi addressed the nation with the rising cases of COVID – 19 & to give away the clear directives on lockdown.

Even as many states consisting of Punjab, Odisha, Telangana and Maharashtra have already requested to prolong the lockdown to the end of the month. The central government has heard the plea.


The key decisions:

Post the meeting with associated ministers, chief ministers and other health officials, the board’s unanimous decision is to #stayhome.

Corona having claimed over 300 lives and infected more than 9000 people; the central board has set foot strict lockdown in all the states.

There is absolutely no relaxation in the cities that is densely populated. This will reverberate to the capitals such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Gurgaon, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Bengaluru. These major cities are under constant surveillance and strict lockdown to drop the curve of COVID – 19.

The situation at hand:

1. Complete Lockdown: Like many states have already introduced, the main government can also determine to increase the lockdown with all the modern-day restrictions in the area. Further, this would only imply financial activity will remain still and resume only after the lockdown is up or until the next intimation.

2. Phased lifting: The most predictive scenario now, however, would be a phased exit from the lockdown. Agricultural activities may be allowed to resume, and so will the harvests. Further, the procurement of production will take place without any hindrance.

Modi is said to have suggested a “lock-in” for factories with workers staying onsite and maintaining social distancing. The Centre is contemplating measures to bring migrant workers from camps to their factories, possibly by running special buses or trains.

Cargo movement of all kinds of goods will be allowed across the country, as will fishing.

3. Colour Codes: There has also been talk about dividing regions into red, orange and green zones, depending upon the number of cases– which will then determine the extent of the relaxation. For regions in the red zone, maximum containment will remain in place, with green zones being allowed to function as normal.



PM Modi on 14th April live:


Our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi addressed the nation at 10 AM addressed us of the lockdown phase and COVID – 19 status. He spoke of seven ways to cooperate. “If we Indians will keep patience and follow the rules, then we can defeat the coronavirus pandemic. With this faith, towards the end, I am asking your support on 7 points,” he said.


Lockdown 2.0:

  1. According to the PM’s first concern, he has the attention goes out to the senior or less immune section of the country. The senior family members are asked to take special care and concern.
  2. Prime Minister is clearly in support of the people who comply to restrictions and needs everyone to live by it. During the lock-down, he urged that “Social distancing and lockdown have given a major benefit”.
  3. Apart from taking special care of senior citizens, he urged the people to adopt guidelines issued by the Ayush Ministry to boost immunity.
  4. He requested the people to download the Aarogya Setu App launched by the central government to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. PM also urged the people to convince their fellow citizens to download this app. The Aarogya Setu App is available both on Google Play Store and Apple App store.
  5. Apart from appealing Indians to follow Ayush guidelines to increase immunity and to respect the frontline workers, the Prime Minister also appealed to them to “Help the poor within their means and fulfil their basic needs such as food.
  6. He also asked businessmen and companies to not terminate their employees in this time of crisis.
  7. Also, the Prime Minister has urged the people to owe respect to ‘corona warriors’, i.e., doctors, nurses, sweepers and police officers on the ground.


Counting the number of cases on April 14, 08:00 am, the sum total of coronavirus cases in India stands at 10,363.


From which, 8,988 are active cases and 339 have succumbed to death due to the grave disease. As per the MHA, 1035 patients have been discharged with cure and one has been successfully migrated.

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