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267 new cases in Hyderabad, KCR to probe this!


Dating March 17th, 2020, the second COVID – 19 cases that set everyone’s heart in fear at Hyderabad. This added the two more people into the frame from Telangana.

A 24-year-old software professional, who was the first COVID-19 patient in the state, was discharged from the hospital here on Friday night following his recovery.

His travel record had a travel history showed a journey from to Dubai in February. The patient has a travel history to Italy and has been admitted to the state-run Gandhi hospital in the city for quarantine purpose.

Further, the samples of the two suspects resulted positive and the story turned to a whole new level altogether. Further, this led the chief minister to probe the senior officials to discuss the COVID – 19 situations.



The biggest challenge we humans face is the novel strain of coronavirus that camouflages in people, posing normal and only showcases post it aggravates.

There are cases wherein a person is COVID-19 positive but will not have any typical symptoms like fever, cold and cough. If the person is infected, there are lesser chances for him to know that he is infected by COVID – 19.  Until the point of mutation reaches to 50%.

A vital reason behind the decision of the government for a complete lockdown of the State.


Hyderabad, the new hotspot!

Urns out, that Hyderabad has set the new hotspot title for COVID – 19. The Telangana chief minister, KCR has set up the surveillance schemes to contain and resolve the 267 cases.

The instructions summoned that Hyderabad could be into smaller units of 17, appointing officials for every unit to aid medical services, municipal officer, a police force and of course a revenue officer.

He further added the surveillance is intense to prevent any additions to COVID – 19 cases.


The reported cases:

With one more death and positive cases summing to 61, on Monday. The total number of deaths in the state has increased to 17 and positive coronavirus cases to 592. At present, the average number of cases is at least 267 in Hyderabad city.

Post the afternoon meeting held with the Telangana chief minister, K Chandrashekar Rao, the attention leaned to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). These areas are alerted the growing cases in the city.

More cases are getting registered in the Greater Hyderabad area and there are more chances of people with positive cases quickly spreading it to others. Hence there should be a special strategy for Hyderabad,” he said.

Based on the number of positive cases, we have created 246 containment centres in the state and of them, 126 containment centres are there in Hyderabad alone. The officials will keep vigil on these centres. They should not allow people from the Containment Centre to go out and outsiders to come in. Appoint a Special Nodal Officer and Police Officer at these centres who will maintain strict vigil. The government machinery should supply essential commodities to the people at these centres,” KCR said.


It is an uphill battle:

The officers reported to the chief minister said that all the hospitals are prepared and set to face at least 1000 to 1100 tests at one go. Treating more patients to arrest the deadly virus.

The chief minister once again requested people not to come out of their homes. Also, to be more cautious as there was a spike in coronavirus positive cases.

Today, 12 patients out of 439 have been discharged. 7 deaths with treatment, summoning undesirable fear in people. The last 24 hours have 19 new positive cases.  Guntur becoming the Corona bomb spot with a maximum of 93 cases, 84 in Kurnool, 56 in Nellore, 41 in Prakasam, 36 in Krishna, 31 in Kadapa and 20 – 23 in Coastal areas (West Godavari, Chittoor & Vishakhapatnam)



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