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48.07% is the recovery rate of India with COVID – 19 cases      

The last 24 hours have been quite crucial. As India records 8171. Coronavirus cases and 204 deaths in one day. Ignoring the numbers, India has largely affected countries yet keeping its poise in place. On Sunday, India encountered one of the worst hits standing as the seventh worst-hit country in the world.

The MINISTRY OF HEALTH data revealed that the active cases stood close to 1 Lakh. With all the possibilities, coronavirus may continue to spread through vegetables, contact, etc. Since the fifth phase of lockdown began, the restriction eased out and paved more room for corona.


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The economy outlet

With the crash in economy and the release of the new $20 billion packages from all the MSMEs, it would take a certain time to recover from the crash and build our way up.

Besides the constant research and development of the vaccine against COVID – 19, we are still far away from getting the medicine on to the nearest clinic.

Spain, on the other hand, published the results of the survey conducted over 60,000 residents, who will be free from future diseases. The worse has not compelled, a community spread, in Spain.

The study of Spain COVID – 19 journeys is likely a steadfast study for our country to control the future contamination of the virus.




The Lockdown Vs COVID – 19.

The worst affected turn out to be the metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai and are leading the cases with over 8000 COVID active cases.

But a good point about the lockdown is the total number of cured cases is also above 91000 plus. This includes the total number of cured cases and has nearly 6000 deaths due to COVID in India.

Adding to the numbers, 1244 new cases in the last 24 hours. This is alarming, as for Mumbai it crosses 39000.

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Will masks and distancing help contain COVID?   

With all the experiment in place, wearing a mask and not wearing mask resulted at 3:17 per cent of the COVID cases.

Many experts and professional doctors claimed that the end of the lockdown is not the end of the pandemic, but the beginning of a long drawn-up battle against the virus, where social distancing, hand hygiene, wearing eye protection and wearing a mask are the best options at hand to reduce the spread.

Try not to avoid it because every soldier needs armour to fight the pandemic. Masks are the best invention that allows reducing the risk of contamination or infection. With all the advertisements and feature ads educating you about the cleanliness and more.


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